Fitness Trends for 2017

I reckon cardio is going to be coming back in a big way next year.

Jogging and the likes.

Starting to notice a few of the ‘older’ lifters in my work gravitating towards more conditioning work as opposed to ‘weights’.

I think the whole FB gym fucknuggets preaching hardcore weights, along with the motivational self help crap, is turning a few folk off.

I also think Tactical Barbell will start to make its presence felt within the lifting community.

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But getting in shape is all about posting motivation quotes!

Rocky being a big favorite (the world ain’t all sunshines and rainbows…), we should start a thread of everyones favorites (or most hated from over exposure) quotes that fitness folks adopt.

Somewhere, the idea of “losing some fat before trying to build muscle” took hold in mainstream - uninformed - America and no one seems ot be able to universally reverse this. Of course the simple idea that you need at least some clue what you’re doing to be productive with the weights vs I can just go outside and run around the block for an hour, probably makes sense to the average person.

I’d personally love to see the headband with matching wristbands (the 1970’s look) make a come back :slight_smile: