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Fitness Tracking Software

Hey all - just wondering what everyone uses to track their weights and diets (if you do at all). I’ve been using trainersjournal.com cuz it’s free and seems to be a good fitness organizer thus far.

I use pen and paper, but just signed up on that site, bout to check it out.

gymjournal.com is free and works well.





Excel is my best friend

I can understand excel, you can format it anyway you’d like. I like trainersjournal because

-it’s online so I can access it from anywhere.
-has to-do lists and a calendar that tracks all my personal, diet, and exercise events.
-I can exchange messages with my trainer, and I can view and pay invoices from my trainer.

I have this if anyone is interested, PM me and I’ll link you.

VidaOne Diet & Fitness

I am now using Google Spreadsheets online for body comp, diet, and training. In the past, I’ve used paper, Excel, and Palm PDA software.

For to-do lists and appointments, I use MyLifeOrganized software, Google Calendar, and a Palm PDA.

I use fitday.com it’s really easy.

ATM i just use excell but i am writing my own software for being able to track and print my workouts because i feel that alot of the other programs are missing basic things that i would find very usefull. like when planning westside workout they would give me the info on what i lifted last time on each lift.

My dream is to get it to workout with my ipod touch so i can type my lifts in while working out.

www.bodydaemon.com :slight_smile: