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Fitness Studio?


I got a flyer today, advertising some place that just opened up in my town. I'm not sure what to make of it. It's referred to a couple of times in the flyer as a studio,however, it talks about sport specefic training, and other wording that makes it sound like more than a bunch of people doing pillates, yoga and the such.

My question, is what is the typical meaning of fitness studio? I'm not sure whether it is suppossed to be an actual gym as oppossed to a place to get bodyfat%s calculated, nutritions consultations and the such. I'd personally put money on it being a "metrosexual gym" at best. If anybody is familiar with these "studios", I'd appreciate some clarification.


I would focus on the word Studio. What has "Studio" traditionally meant in this industry? I guess is can mean many things.

Main Entry: stu?dio
Pronunciation: 'st?-dE-(")O, 'sty?-
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -dios
Etymology: Italian, literally, study, from Latin studium
1 a : the working place of a painter, sculptor, or photographer b : a place for the study of an art (as dancing, singing, or acting)
2 : a place where motion pictures are made
3 : a place maintained and equipped for the transmission of radio or television programs
4 : a place where audio recordings are made


It's probably just a way to say gym without using the word "gym". Most people don't like that word, it sounds like work to them. "Studio" sounds higher class with less work.


I?ll bet it means it has fewer weights than most gyms. Probably like a dance studio.