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Fitness Spam Emails

I take a particular interest in reading fitness and programs and such, but lately, it seems like the industries seedy head is expanding faster than the US nat’l debt.
I understand that someone has to try to make a living and has every right to try to, but that doesn’t prevent me from getting annoyed to hell.

The formula is that you get spam from someone in the industry that is self labeled, so therefore others start to repeat that (s)he is an expert. In this email, you get a nice splashy text about “my buddy, he came up with this great program with these super secret highly effective bah, blah” and then goes on to talk about how it got him past a sticking point. Then it goes on to have testimonials from full first name, last initial from major city america…They were all stuck forever, and did this magic program, and viola…The before and after pics are belly protruding before pics, and different background light after pics, a lot of which can be done the same day, there was an article about it here, and they claim someone, in the case of men, it is always double digit fat lbs lost, double digit muscle gain, and in the case of women, it is always inches and inches and inches. Neither of these ever look near true.

So even with all these warning signals, you have to click on a link which takes you to an amateurish web site which is even more fluff, but you have to enter your email address to get MORE INFO. None of which is really all that groundbreaking, but it does get you in the loop again so that this guy can then send you emails about another friend, or returns back to the same one.

So who are these hucksters? Nobodies? Hardly. Contributors here are in this fraternity.
My point? Hell I don’t know. It’s just Sunday afternoon and I am bored and was cleaning my email.

I like it when they charge like $1,000 dollars to tell you to do compound lifts and some isolation work. Oh, and to eat a healthy, well balanced diet high in protein.

It’s probably TC trying to get some beer money for the weekend

[quote]A.Lurker wrote:
It’s probably TC trying to get some beer money for the weekend[/quote]
OK that’s funny

Damn, why you gotta try to mess up someone’s dough?

I saw an ad for a pill that lowers my debt and enlarges my penis! I’m getting that!