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Yesterday, a guy comes walking into the gym I work at, huge as hell and cut too. this is a rare occurance at my gym since the typical population tends to be 50 and above.
After giving him a spot, I got to talking to him. He told me his name is Jim and that he used to be a national level competitor in bodybuilding some time back.

He was a real nice guy, but said some peculiar stuff which I didn’t know whether to believe or not. Here are some of his statements.

  1. In order to pay for their expensive drug cycles, several of the top bodybuilders, specifically olympia level guys, do private posing sessions for other guys. He said there is a huge fetish crowd out in cali for this. Sometimes the action will elevate to oral sex and if the money is right, sometimes anal. He (jim) told me that he used to spend up to $800 a month on food and around the same amount on drugs every month. His decision to leave high level bodybuilding was more financially based than anything as he was not willing to perform such services.
    Is this true?

wow, that’s a pretty indepth conversation for something you just met. :slight_smile:

But seriously, at the competitive level, it’s amazing what really goes on and what really makes a person stay competitive.

I hear t’ings…

lost in thought-
It turns out me and this guy know somebody in common. I knew a guy in highschool who lives out in venice and is still competing at national level contests. this guy jim knew him too.
that’s how we got to talking, I brought up the kid from my school and asked how he was doing, that is when Jim told me the story. Turns out the kid I know (and this is no surprise) is caught up in that environment.

There is an article about some of this type of thing on here.

i knew a couple of high level BB’s around my city, and they told me the same thing about the amount they, and others spent on drugs. its crazy.

As far as gay stuff with pros. i’ve heard the same thing many times. there called muscle worshippers i think.

[quote]apayne wrote:
I hear t’ings…[/quote]


I can vouch for these stories, too… there was a guy at my old gym that went out to LA to “train with the pros” and he came back with his tail between his legs disillusioned as hell and armed with the most fucked up stories about these pros… to give you an idea, it sounds a lot like that Venice Beach subculture article that ran on the T-mag website a few years ago.

And people want to be pro BB’ers because?