Fitness Pros Selling Get Rich E-books

It is just me or does this trend seem odd to others?

I have nothing against anyone making a great living, but if your business is the fitness industry shouldn’t you focus on selling fitness related products instead of “how to make a 6 figure income using my sweet fitness website template”?

While I realize the purpose of doing business of any kind is to make a money - I’m put off by those who seem overly focused on making bank. Actually, it completely destroys my trust in that person because it makes me feel everything they say is just to turn a profit.

I realize the threshold is different for everyone, but for me stuff like this crosses it.

Like they say…

Trust takes a long time to build and is easy to destroy.

Then again… they also say a sucker is born every minute…

Depends. Do they have a track record of providing results within a business context. And does it seem like they genuinely want to help people

Are you talking about George Spellwin?