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Fitness Professionals: CEC's, HyperFit Mag


Hey guys,

For the past 16 hours or so I've been trying to do some research into this whole "Fitness Australia and Continued Education Credits (CEC's)" thing. Before I get too scattered here I just want to point out I get the need for continued education.

What I would like to know (and for the life of me just can't find out) is just how legitimate this system is, which courses to trust, and so on. For example a popular site affiliated with the magazine HyperFit offers CEC's for completing short multiple answer tests, but you have to be a suscriber to the magazine in order to benefit. Is the magazine a decent source of genuine information or is it just another magazine?

So to recap:

Is the CEC system legitimate?
How do I sift through the garbage if any?
HyperFit Magazine, worth the money?

Thanks guys, really appreciate any time you put toward this!