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Fitness Photoshoot


Hello! This is my first post on T-Nation! Nice to meet everyone!! :slightly_smiling:

So I am looking to do a photo shoot in June, I am looking to hire a photographer from Las Vegas (I live about 3 hours south of Vegas in Lake Havasu City, Az.) and I actually already found a photographer, but a decent shoot through him is 300 to 600 plus dollars, tack on $150 for professional hair on makeup.

This is my first time ever doing something like this, do any of you have any advice and do you think the photographers prices are decent? I am looking at using Marc Thyssen ( http://marcthyssen.com/Marc_Thyssen_Photography/Miss_Universe_2010.html )

Any advice on diet, exercise, personal grooming, and things I should do to prepare, any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!

God Bless :slightly_smiling:


The girls over at www.figureathlete.com would probably be of more help to you - most of the ladies here are more concerned with how much they can lift rather than how they look. I know Kimba had a photo shoot but I can't think of anyone else who has. As I said, FA is your best bet.


Hey Thanks Cal Jones...I'm actually not looking to get into fitness modeling, I just want to do a shoot for the fun of it, I'm actually way into weight lifting. That's more important to me then how I look, but I do want to be more cut...do you have any advice on that?


Hey there Kill Switch,

Welcome to T-Nation. I think people might be able to give you more advice if you talk about where you are now as far as your physique, training, and diet, and what goals you have (you want to drop ___ lbs), get stronger, etc.


Hey good point Maximus! Right now I have a good physique, but just want to cut more. I have good muscle definition, but it could be better...I'm figuring this will probably all be done through my diet. I'm currently 145 lbs. with 12% body fat, 5ft5'...I want to gain more strength and endurance and be shredded! :slight_smile: I've been lifting since I was 19 and I'm 25 now...my diet it pretty clean, but I do have the occasional dessert here and there which I need to cut out...


135lbs x 6 Bench Press
185lbs x 12 Dead Lift
8 free weight pull ups
185 x 10 Squats
270 x 6 Leg Press

And I can run pretty fast, I'll usually run a mile at 7.0 - 7.2 on the treadmill...if I sprint on the treadmill I'll be at 9.0...outside I don't know how fast I'm going obviously...working as a Firefighter is what pushs me to want to lift more!


if those are real numbers, all you'd need to do is cut water the day before, and have pancakes and coffee for breakfast day of.

it's really, really hard to tell someone how/if/what to change for a PHOTO shoot without a PHOTO.

do these pants make me look fat?


12% body fat for a girl is already quite lean, CBear is right, you would just need to manipulate water I would think. You would probably need to get real specific with your food at the level of leanness you are at now. Meaning, you would need to time your macros appropriately during the day and around your workouts.


I would be most bothered if you are a troll, as PW is not the place for that. Pics. If you are already that lean, and you're not bad looking (if that is you in the avi), then you really have little to worry about. I do know of a couple of folks who can give guidance on the prices, but before I do that, you need to come correct. Pics. Real ones.


Hahaha oh man Beast!! That really is me in the photo, and I'll have to get on it with the body pics...I'm not one to take pictures of my self in my bra and panties in the mirror...something I'll have to start doing I guess if I want to get some real advice on this forum!! :wink: I'm going to check my body fat again today, I'm meeting with some trainers from my gym...last time I took it was about 6 months ago and I was experimenting with some testosterone products...no, not steroids, no way :slightly_smiling:


I'd love to see your squat.


I do the squats and benching on the smith machine, just fyi.



What method do you use for testing your body fat percentage? I ask this because I'm highly skeptical of most results. 12% is extremely lean for a woman. I think these measures can be good from the standpoint of trending, but that's about it.

I'm not a big fan of the smith machine, but be aware that your numbers in the smith won't necessarily translate to the cage for a few reasons. First of all, the smith does all the core stabilization for you. Secondly, the weight of the bar in the smith varies greatly. The one in my gym is counterbalanced to 23 lb. but feels even lighter than that to me.

So what's the purpose of your photo shoot? Just for you?

Very cool that you are a firefighter.


I'm still learning how to upload pics...is there a way to do more then one at a time?



Hey there! You're right about the Smith Machine...I need to transfer over to free bar...and I used that hand squeeze machine, I heard it can be off by 3%! I should do the caliper way...Thanks for saying it's cool that Im a FF, what do you do? And yes I'm just doing the photo shoot for fun :slight_smile: just for me.


^ Nice tats & quads.


I actually work for a fire department. But on the administrative side. It's a small department . . . Special District. All volunteer firefighters. Very political because we're governed by a Board. But I've worked for the Board for three years so I can usually get my way. I'm the only female and there are, obviously, some benefits to that.

Even calipers only offer a +_ 7% rate of accuracy. My bodyfat has been tested as low as 11% with calipers and as high as 21% by electric impedance even though my weight doesn't fluctuate that much. Personally, I think bodyfat testing is a bit of a ruse using most methods. But, like I've said, it can be useful for trending purposes.

Yeah, try the free bar squats. And throw some vids up to get feedback. It's a great way to learn.


I would say you're a fair bit more than 12% but you have a great body (especially the legs) and I love the ink. Props for being a firefighter, also - I'd have loved to have done that when I was younger but my eyesight was piss poor. Had lasik a few years back but unfortunately I'm too old now.
I haven't found a way to upload more than one photo per post.

I have no experience of photoshoots myself - I've been gainint and losing the same stone for years now. So I'm not the best person to advise on that one!


yes, very cool you're a FF.

now, dear, those handheld machines can vary by +/- 15%. you're not 12%, probably more like 20.

good news is, your BF seems to be pretty evenly distributed, and I still don't see the need for crazy dieting before the shoot.

I know you need to be on your game for work, just pay more attention to not eating shit food, look up some water/salt/carb manipulation that figure competitors use before a show and you'll be fine.

dunno how intimate the pics will be, but starting a couple weeks before, exfoliate and moisturize the fuck outta your skin. go for a wax a week or so ahead of time (maybe less than a week), and get some Tend Skin. <-- burns like fuck but worth every penny.

you look olive-ish/tanned already, so do that as you see fit.

and, nice tats.