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Fitness/Nutrition Tips to Get Shredded?

I did a caliber test yesterday and my body fat is about 7.7%. It’s already in the single digits but I don’t have the muscle definition. I am 23 years old, 5’5 at most, and 140 lbs.

My main goal is to get shredded and hard. I typically workout 4-5x a week. Since last week, I began to lift heavy in the gym then crossfit after. I don’t count calories and my diet isn’t superb. Diet is my main weakness and what I need to specifically work on! A body is made in the kitchen after all.

Attached is is a current body pic of me. I don’t have my exact measurements. Based on the pic, do you believe i should bulk up more/gain strength before I cut down and shredded?

If you were in my shoes and you want to gain definition, what would you do?
What would your diet look like? How are your workouts?
Thank you for your help!

Hate to break it to you, but you are not sub 8% bodyfat. Muscle definition is all about leanness.

I would work on getting bigger while nailing your diet down before attempting to shred down as shredding down without much muscle mass will just make you look sickly.

i never understand why people ask whether you should bulk or cut. at the end of the day, do whatever makes YOU happy.

if your trying to be a pro bber then the answer will be bulk 99% of the time though.

i agree with Bauber, you are no where near 8% fat, unless all your fat is around you mid section haha! i look slightly leaner than you, and i’m 10.4% (measured at a performance centre last week). it might sound similar but 7.7% looks very different to 10.4%…

anyway, you would do well to pick any of CT’s recent programs -the best would be the fat loss layers for your goals.

then just pick a tried and true fat loss diet.

i posted about my progress with the layer system and fat loss diet so far, in CT’s forum… that outlines what i do and i’m managing to build some muscle whilst leaning out.

[quote]letthisgo wrote:
I don’t count calories [/quote]

This is your problem. Fix this, and you’ll be well on your way to addressing every question you posed.

[quote]flipcollar wrote:

[quote]letthisgo wrote:
I don’t count calories [/quote]

This is your problem. Fix this, and you’ll be well on your way to addressing every question you posed.[/quote]

i missed that in thee OP… but YES he needs to count calories! including macros!

I will conccur with everybody, that doesn’t look like 7%. I said it again, I do not put any value in caliper measurements. Why? Personal experience.

3 years ago, or so, I got measured at 1.4% by a fellow coach with years of coaching and measuring behind him… at that point I consider that I had roughly 20lbs to lose to look like a bodybuilding contest shape.

That same week I flew to attend a seminar. During that seminar I got measured by 15 different coaches, all accomplished and successful… my bodyfat ranged between 6 and 18%.

When I got back home, the same coach as above retested me and I was… ‘‘not measurable’’ (under 0% based on the formula).

So in 10 days I was tested at anywhere between 0 and 18%… all by qualified coaches.

From that moment I pretty much stopped believing in caliper measurements.

I didn’t realize the caliber test was so inaccurate.
Where can I look to see these plans of yours CT?