Fitness Modeling

Let me add this prefix before I mention anything. I am a devout reader of this site and have been working out for over three years. My daily diet is literally copied product-for-product from various diets found on this site. For a very long time I was unable to get above 158 lbs (now I’m 5’8" with a 40 inch chest, 13" arms, 31" waist), but I’m now at 165. But that’s the result of eating heavy (and carefully) for several months.

I’ve gotten the idea of doing fitness modeling, and after sending my pictures off to several local photographers, I already have a photo shoot scheduled for next Friday. At the very least, it could be a very fun hobby. I don’t plan to leave my desk job any time soon!

Right now, I’m at about 9% body fat, but I definitely look pretty bulked up. I’ve gotten my bench way up (over 235) as well as other exercises, and I couldn’t have done it without the help of this site’s articles and forums. But I want to get as defined looking as possible over the next couple of weeks. Obviously I don’t expect to radically change my appearance for my shoot next week, but I’d like to do whatever I can to improve definition going forward.

My current plan is to drop my calories to about 3000 (from 4000), slightly drop my saturated fats due to the reduced fat cheese I snack on, and reduce the size of my pre-bed meal. I’ll still keep the carbs on before and after my workouts. I also plan on taking Hot-Rox and increase my cardio. I’ll also try the UV-free professional tanning to see if it’s just BS or actually works. I’m not about to get cancer over a part-time hobby.

I’m no doubt amongst professional body builders who have to get oiled up and tanned in competitions. What other reasonably safe tips, tricks, supplements, dietary changes, etc. would you recommend for someone in my case?

Finally, if you’re thinking I’m turning gay–well you’re just wrong! I just think this would be a good opportunity for the vane part of me to get a little attention.

Hell why not? I gave it a shot right out of high school since I couldn’t play baseball anymore.

  1. decent money for very little work
  2. got to travel to some pretty cool places for free
    and the coolest part…
  3. I once had a random girl come up to me while i was visiting some friends at their university and say “you’re on my wall at home!”

There’s a “Seven Days To Ultimate Leanness” article, or something similarly titled, in the archives. It’s basically how to shed some water weight and bring out a little extra definition. Maybe you can give it a try the week before a shoot.

I’m pretty sure one of the members here has a program similar to the one mentioned above, that some other members used and liked better. I can’t remember who it is or what the details of the program were, but maybe someone could post it if they know what I’m talking about.


Here’s a link to that article:

Looks promising. Thanks for the link. Still would love some personal ideas!