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Fitness Model Pauline Nordin


Saw the pic of the day, and after a little google work. I have found my ideal girl.

5’2 110-115 Swedish, speaks several languages, rides horses, can sing opera, and play classical piano.

And she can curl 40#ers for reps

Definitely my kinda girl.


More Pauline


hmmmmm… Squat Happens.




dun dun dun!


rawr. (Fucking adorable)


i thought those were CT’s forearms for a second jeezus lol


ze champ


I wonder what she’s thinking…


moment of silence for ART

Personally, IF I had her body I wouldnt want my arms that big. She seems a little disproportionate. Maybe its just me. Otherwise I’m drooling all over myself right now. Hawt!


I really need me a T-vixen, so that we can drool over hot chicks together. Much better than getting a kick under the table or a slap to the back of the head.


She’s hot and I would love for her to smack me around.

Thanks for posting these! When I saw the Powerful Image today I had to stop and stare for a while. There’s just something about a woman with a muscular upper back that does it for me. I’m glad to see the rest of her is impressive too.

All I can say is, OH MY


her arms are 13-14 inches, i don’t remember the exact figure. Really her arms aren’t that big at all. It’s just that she has a smaller frame and her arms are shredded.

Honestly when she’s not in contest shape i bet you they dont look out of the ordinary at all.


Agreed man, agreed. I need a foxy lil thing with a mean streak. :slight_smile:

Thanks Zen!

She is fucking sexy as hell! I would love to give her a spot on those squats!

(can’t wait until the morons start posting about girls with muscle?

[quote]Xen Nova wrote:
I wonder what she’s thinking…[/quote]

She is thinking: “Xen, do you want me?..do you want me, baby…?”

“I see you looking at me…looking at me…looking at me, babe…”

“come a little closer with your mouse on me all over and click me, babeee…”

Sing with me, Xen…you are in luuuve! : )

Xen ah I see ^^

She looks amazing, not only am I insanely jealous I’m also very attracted. More ladies need to look like her & less like wafers.