Fitness Metrics Tracking Site?

Hey all, I have some family members who want to start lifting, and in an attempt to “stay honest”, they want to be able to track their metrics (like the weight lifted on a certain lift) online, and track their progress against other folks (right now, me).

Are there any online sites/tools that do this? I know we have training logs on this site, but I think they’re built for I,BODYBUILDER.

use the google on the internet machine

what’s a google? can i eat it?

This site has logs for both I,BODYBUILDER and just regular training type things.

I’m building one of my own (far from completion) but have done a bit of googling to see what’s out there. Logsitall looks pretty good, seems to have a crossfit focus so should be able to track pretty much any lift or form of cardio you like. It might only be useful for crossfit though. There’s some blog style logs ( which look alright, but everything is text so don’t expect any fancy data manipulation. Seen a couple which look alright with a bit of set-up and no visual frills ( Most are free, some charge if you want some more advanced stuff. I haven’t actually tried any of them though.

Thanks for the responses all, I’d been using the wrong search terms.