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Fitness First Plague in Australia


Any1 here from australia, mainly Melbourne and are seeing the masses and masses of FitnessFirsts EVERYWHERE!

its insaine! and there good gyms, but im sick of all these people who can now come to any gym and toss around. and the worst part is, i dont know of a gym that isnt a fitness first within a 30min drive of where i live.. its insaine!

why dose it seem gyming is the new cool think for absolute tools to do. I waited 30mins to do leg extensions, were there was a guy on his phone, streching, lifting 20kg... thats 44lb for all u americans. And the worst thing... he was wearing a t-shit which said "welcome to the guns show"

I am slowly going insaine at all the dam posers.

<--- member of Fitness First for 10 months.


get some sandbags, lorry wheels etc and a sled and go dinosaur in your back yard


yeah im a fitness first member in sydney. there are stacks of them here.

theyr so crammed full of people come 6pm.


Hahaha. Have fun in January when all the 'new years resolutions people' come to 'the guns party' as well!

That's just part of the joy of being a member at a commercial gym.


I'm kinda glad I live in a hick town where our local gym is completely ghetto.


Just remember to laugh, because they are not and will not get any results, and just concentrate on yourself, not the sub-morons...


yeh your right.

I think iv only ever seen two other people do squats in the gym.

I'll just start going earlier or later. (when the posers refuse cant be bothered)

Instead of having a ladies only room in some of there gyms, they should have a
"i want to be at the gym cuz i fkn love it and i know what im doing, i dont just come becuase i think its cool" room.


I hate that. My only hope is that now that I live further north that maybe it will be too cold and they will change their resolution to eating better instead of working out for a month.


It's the same everywhere. On the Gold Coast the cloest gym to me is a Fitness First. The next closest....another Fitness First. I joined because they open at 5.30 so I can train before work. Other than that there's not too much going for it. They don't even have dip bars. Sure there's some weighted dip type machine, but it's not the same.

I really miss the heavy weights room in the gym at ANU in the old days. Ahhh... memories.


Are you talking about the ones on Bermuda Street? I train at Archers in Southport. The next best gym I've been to is the Bundall PCYC.


Its the way it is now. There are always going to be some "good" gyms to go to, but like it or not, These franchise baby-boomer oriented gyms are where the money is at for business owners.

Everyone wants to be able to say they "I go to the gym", or "I work out" wether or not that actually go, or actually workout. Doctors and the media are finally stressing to baby boomers how important exercise is to staying disease free and healthy into their old age, and insurance companies offer discounts, or even to pay gym memberships.

It sucks, but these cookie-cutter gyms like planet fitness are here to stay, at least for a while.


brisbane is full of them to..


THose are the ones. As their close to home it's more of a convenience thing than anything else. MAybe I'll change. Do you know what time Archers opens?


Slowly going insane? I went to one of these fuckholes when they first came in and nearly admitted myself after it. The PT's getting in your face every five minutes, corporate types arguing about whether they go to Starbucks or Gloria Jean for their post workout coffee, and a general meat market feel to it made for poor training.


what part of melbourne do you live in?

the only one ive seen is in melbourne central, although its not something i generally look for but i live out doncaster way


After working out in my garage for a number of years I joined a 4 in 1 fitness centre early this year when it opened a short walk up the street from me.

Because I'm a share trader working from home, I can get to the gym any time I want so I'm lucky enough to go when it's nearly empty every day. I like having the ability use the machines, cables and various cardio gear, but if it's got any more than 10 people in it, I just go back home to the garage and blast the music.

I can also walk to the beach and do cardio on sand hills etc....

Shit I have a great life!

Sorry, had to say that :slight_smile: I think the gyms are great for the novice / casual users and they're generally profitable businesses.


yeh i go to the melbourne central one alot aswell.. its got nice equipment, but its missing alot of stuff at the same time.

i was there today actually, wasnt that busy which was nice..

iv gone there at 6pm one time, theres roughly 250 lockers there (in the male part only) and every1 was being used...

this is madness!


Archers doesn't open until 6:30am. I'm pretty sure the Bundall PCYC opens earlier though (maybe 5:30am).


If you are doing leg extensions, you should not be in the gym either!


WTF. I do standing leg exts and then machine leg exts at the end of my leg workout. Whats wrong with them.