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Fitness Event for Charity-Ottawa

Anybody from Ottawa, ON Canada here?

Enter the event we’re having at my gym this Sunday - 3 events - do 1, 2 or ALL 3!

-5K walk/run

-Strength Competition - deadlift/bench press

-Bodyweight endurance - 75 pullups, 100 pushups, 125 situps & 150 squats - for time!

Raise money for CHEO - $25/event to enter or raise $100! EMail me for pledge forms freeformfitness@gmail.com

More info/To Register online; http://www.freeformfitness.ca/freeformfitnessgames5krunstrengthcompetitionforcheo.php


Hey! I live in Ottawa and it’s nice to see a private gym instead of a Goodlife popping up! Are you located in the old Nortel building? I can’t make this charity event, but PM in the future for other events:)

Damn! I can’t make it either (leaving town this weekend) but like above poster said, PM me for any future events.


Looking at your pic I am starting to wish I lived in Ottawa.

I’m just outside Ottawa, towards Arnprior, so I will probably come check it out. I won’t be competing but sounds like fun. Have you thought about posting this over on the Ontario Strongman board? Lots of locals over there who might jump at the chance for some late season competition…

75 pullups!?