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Fitness Challenges

Anyone know of fitness “challenges” similar to Dan Johns 40 days, Jims’ building the monolith? Looking for something I can take all thinking out of and just run. No real goal at the moment.

Squatting 100kgsx100 reps as fast as possible is a good one…make that 40-60kgs for beginners.

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How strong are you at the moment?

Try the Deep Water beginner program.

I’m currently doing this

[>>>>30 Days of Gains]

Shit ton of volume. Just about to finish up week 1.

I’m curious as to how this goes. It looks absolutely dreadful to me, so I’m glad someone else is trying it!

I did a very high volume Frank Medrano workout for a month, found on cutandjacked.

It was so hard. On “back” day it has you do 40 muscle ups in addition to 200 pull ups, dumb bell work, and abs. I remember my hands hurting so bad as I struggled to finish those pull ups. And getting those muscle ups was so hard that I was doing lots of singles in between other lifts. The program you list looks almost as brutal in volume.


Unfortunately my upper body is no where near developed to do a bunch of pull ups. I can muster about 3 without assistance.

The program is a bit tedious. Anything concerning squatting or deadlifting takes up the majority of the time spent. Although I’m feeling like the upper body stuff needs to be a bit heavier come next week.

But it’s expected. It’s hard, but that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

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I’d second Deep Water. You can get the ebook for free on Jon Andersen’s Instagram. Just about any Wendler challenge on this site will work.

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Definitely deep water…

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I call this the “Do a bunch of shit in one day challenge”. You can thank me later.

6AM - Squat 5/3/1, BBB, Assistance
10AM - OH Press 5/3/1, BBB Assistance
2PM - Deadlift 5/3/1, BBB, Assistance
6PM - Bench Press 5/3/1, BBB, Assistance
8PM - Crossfit Class
10PM - Hot Yoga

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I will do this tomorrow, with a slight modification:

6AM - Coffee
10AM - OH Press 5/3/1, BBB Assistance
2PM - Lunch
6PM - Dinner
8PM - Wine
10PM - Netflix

So, mine is basically the same but with some exercise swaps. For example, CG bench press can be used in place of weighted dips, just a Netflix is well known to be similar to Hot Yoga.

If I choose to watch a movie with Sandra Bullock and must pay attention, my version of the challenge is actually slightly harder.


I like this one better.

LOL, or just do yoga and have wine while watching Netflix! Kill 2 workouts with one stone!

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Or, do them as a circuit, taking as little rest between them as possible:

Downward dog 5 breaths
2 sips of Merlot
2.5 minutes of “The Big Lebowski”. The scene where they go bowling after the failed money-drop.

Then, the finisher:
Merlot to failure

If you’re more into the low volume/intensifiers like Paul Carter is currently advocating, then substitute Merlot with Knob Creek single barrel bourbon.




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I just did this bar challenge. Made it through 6 rounds. The guys with any conditioning on here can probably do all 10 rounds pretty easily.