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Fitness Challenge With Brother

Alright, here’s the deal guys. (sorry for the long post ahead of time) I’m a 20yr old college student approximately 137lbs, 12-15%bdyfat, and been lifting for enough time to know proper form in lifting.

Recently, I made a bet with my brother. My end of the bargain is to gain 25lbs of mostly muscle, be able to perform a 16 min two mile, 90 situps in two minutes, 50 pushups in two minutes and have a 30% strength increase. The biggest issue here is the running and the weight. I know these are counter-productive to each other, but it’s part of the bet. Also, I get shin-splints pretty bad so it’s going to take me 4 months to get my running up high enough without pain.

My plan at the moment (I just finished the first 3-week session) is to try the Copland workout that was recently posted. What I would like are suggestions for nutrition, i.e. how many calories I should be getting per day, ideas for food. I have the metabolism of a cheetah so food intake is a big deal. I’m eating as close to 2-3 hours as I can. I’m already on a good protein shake and creatine cycle. No juice is allowed, per requirements of the bet and my personal preferance. If you have any other question, ask me and I’ll give more detail as to the situation. Thanks for any and all input.

All I can say is; good luck on the running and gaining weight idea. I just got done running a marathon 2 weeks ago and trained for the previous 3.5 months. I lost weight as hard as I tried not to - was up to 4500 kcal a day. Not fun. Now that it’s over, I’m trying to recoup all of my loses.

I would recommend Berardi’s Massive Eating I and II. Not sure what to tell you about the shin splints other than STRETCH the hell out of every muscle in your legs before you run.


more info like how long do you have to reach these goals. if I was in your shoes I would fatten up then cut it out but thats just me.