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Fitness Bunny

Chris Shugart said he was looking for pics of “fitness bunnies.” Does this count? I don’t think she works out much, but she does fit the “bunny” part of it.

So, Zev’s sister is posting her pics on the internet again, eh?

Look, it was one time and it was Halloween. Nate, I told you not to post that pic. Pretty close shave, eh?

I’d fuck 'er…


Note to Zev: I had nothing to do with SPBM’s comment…although I am having dirty thoughts about your sister as a result:)

Ah, the pouty lips, the come-hither eyes, and all those curves – quite delicious. However Nate, you left out the only info anyone here really cares about:


Stately Plump Bowel Movement:

Did your parents have any children who lived?

 Oh man... did you really have to do this? You do realize every single one of us men here are probably fantasizing about her and saying to herselves 'look at that piece of ass'.

 She's absolutely gorgeous. What a nice piece of ass. And that is a real nice close shave. Yum yum.

Jaster – that’s freaking hilarious!

and here comes the protests…

Zev: Being an only child, and a zombie, my parents did their very best with me. I’m grateful, that even though I was born a living-dead, brain craving monster, Mr. and Mrs. Plump Mulligan provided me all the love a little zombie could ask for.


Nate Dogg, where did you find this pic?

I want one. :smiley:

Jaster, that was one of the funniest posts I have ever read here. Imaginative and funny as shit!! Thanks for the laugh. Herc

You can find anything on the internet or through friends. You should see some of the pics I’ve found of people. I’ve found normal people posting nude pics of themselves in their yahoo photo albums and briefcases. It’s crazy, but it’s everywhere.

What’s her max bench?

I don’t know. And I’m sure most of you guys probably don’t care.

Jaster, that was a good one man! Totally classic! “Survey says…”

I think she got her outfit from Flirtcatalog.com, which TC mentioned in the last issue. If you haven’t checked out that site, do so immediately.

that flirt catalog site has some nice shit with some hot ass babes. good looking out dcb

mickey g

Jaster and BostonBarrister,
FREAKIN HILARIOUS!!! Definetely the funniest things I have seen or read or heard today!..hHAHAHAHAHA

Is there no shame left in you, 'Ole Dogg-Meister?

Are there no limits to which you will go to corrupt the pure, innocent mind of The Lion???

Oh, the pain! First there was “ALS”…with all those beautiful, young, nubile nymphettes…NOW THIS???

Ban him, Chris…BAN him…PLEASE ban the corrupter of the innocent…

LOL, Dogg! I’ve come to realize over the past 3 or so years that you and I have VERY similar taste in the ladies…is that cool or what? My question is where in the world do you find them all? (Looks like The Lion has to move to “The Swamp”…)

(P.S. Are you and that blue-eyed cutie you were dating still an item? Just curious…)