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Fitness and Rate of Muscle Growth



I was just wondering do you think someones level of fitness has an effect on muscle growth and body comp during a mass phase? and is it dependent on the type of fitness?



i suppose it can be...you need some conditioning for the volume and length of some of these workouts...you need to be "wts fit" though if that makes any sense


If you are in better physical condition you can do more work during a workout... The more work you do without exceeding your capacity to recover, the more you progress

If you are in better physical condition your vascular system is healthier and blood flow is more efficient... if you can send more blood to the muscles you can bring more nutrients in and get the training metabolites out; both of which will lead to easier growth

If you are in better physical condition you recover faster from a workout and can thus train more frequently... if you can train more frequently you progress at a faster rate.

Draw your own conclusion!


Tomorrow I start week 5 of your HPM training (never felt stronger in my life, thank you) would you suggest doing extra cardio at the end of workouts/ additional workout in weeks 1/2/4/5 to get in better shape for better gains long-term?