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Fitness and Figure Nationals

Cassanova was having some trouble posting this, so she asked me to post it for her. - CS

"Calling all T- mag guys and gals in Edmonton. If you are not already aware, the Fitness and Figure Nationals are being held this Saturday May 24th at the Citidel. The morning show is at 9am and the evening show is at 6pm. You should all come out and support the athletes (and for the men: come check out some of the hottest/fittest women in Canada!).

I’ll be there at the Biotest/Optimum Nutrition booth giving out samples (we have lots of the latest Testosterone Magazine to give away) and product info. Come say Hi and introduce yourselves as fellow t-forum fans.

If you cant come to this show, The Alberta Provincial Bodybuilding Championships is also here in Edm on June 21st. I’ll have some GROW pie to sample out that day… you have to come and try it!!!"


Yep, thanks for that post.
Cass I and three other Calgary lifeters are on our way.
I woke up thinking that same post was needed. Nice
Alberta’s lifting community is a strong one, and Edmonton always has a crazy amount of competitors (around 18-25 Fitness competitors).
I look forward to it.

This is great. Wish I could go.

And I wish all those that’ll be there a great time as well as a hearty “good luck” to the competitors!

I was just at the weigh-ins this evening for the show tomorrow, and there is a record number of women competing in this show: 80!!! That is A LOT of hot women for eveyone to look at. It is the finest group women from all around Cananda looking to reach their dreams of turning Pro. I hope that you all can come out to support the girls, and show Cananda that Alberta is a very fit province!!!

See you tomorrow.

Like Pink said
“I’m coming up so ya better get this party started”
See you soon Cass.

Grow Pie???

Sooooo nice!
The show was packed and at such a great venue, I still can’t get over the # of girls.
Congrats to your clients success!!!
One of many more to come…
Look out!
Can’t wait till June 21st.

Aviods Roids: Grow pie is the easiest, yummiest, and highest protein, low-carb pie you will ever eat.
All you do is mix 8 scoops of low-carb chocolate Grow with a little bit of water so that it makes into a pudding-like consistancy. Then you pour this mixture into a ready-made Graham wafer pie crust, let it sit for a few minutes to settle, and that is it!!! It tastes like a chocolate cream pie without all the fat and sugar… plus it will give you at least 20 g of protein per slice (more if you have a bigger slice) and if you eat the whole pie…160 g of high-qualtiy slow-realeasing protein… YUM!!!
I have other recipes for fun pies such as low-carb, high-protein cheesecake. I’ll tell you more about them if you want me to.

Also, in regards to the show last night, I am proud to announce that the woman who won the Canadian National Figure Champion title was a client that I dieted. Her diet was not the typical starve-yourself-on-only-chicken-and-veggies diet, but instead consisted of high-quality fats, low-glycemic carbs, post-workout recivery drinks, and 1 to 1.2 g/kg of high BV protein. She obviously did a lot of the hard work herself (training, cardio, and self-discipline) but I was there guiding her to acheive this title. Very exciting!