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Fitness Advice / Program Critique

TLDR; Dropped tons of weight. Want to drop more, is my program / diet flawed, looking for tips and advice.

Hello T-Nation,

I’ve been lurking in this forum for quite a while now, absorbing useful information and tips. I have been pretty obese in the past (183cm 120Kg/ 6ft 264 pounds) but I started lifting around a year ago and greatly enjoyed it since (constantly lifting 3-4 days a week 5x5 strong lifts). I looked after my diet, stopped eating sugar and all that bullshit and dropped tons of weight. I always did the strong lift approach so I wanted to try a more bodybuilding style, since I did lift but didn’t look like I did.
I switched my program everything works fine so far. I am currently at 81-82Kg/178-180 pounds and wanted to drop a bit of body fat since there is still some flab around my stomach (also lower weight is welcomed since I do some bouldering on the weekends and I am a bit to heavy for that). The problem is I have really trouble doing that. Recently I read an article on t-nation about monk vs. monkey dieters and I wonder if I fall into the first category.
Anyway I thought I post my diet/workout plan and see if you can point out my obvious mistakes since all my knowledge comes from youtube/reddit and I have seen this forum give great advice. I went by the philosophy of try and error, constantly measuring myself and see what works. Anyway sorry for the wall of text, here we go.

This is my usual Monday – Friday since I meal prep on Sunday for the whole week. I drink only water and black coffee with the occasional diet coke (not more than once per day). Weekends have 1 cheat meal (or a night out/ beer) usually on Sunday but besides that I’ll stick to what I eat during the week. As said I still avoid most kind of sugar (no sweet or chocolate)

40g Oats + 1 Banana + 1 Scoop Whey Isolate (ca. 402 Kcal)
150 Brown Rice (cooked) + 150 Chicken + 300-350g Vegetables (ca. 465 Kcal)
1-2x Apple/Pear, 1x protein shake (160 Kcal)
2x Tomato’s + Tuna or Chicken breast (100g/150g) + 2 eggs (boiled)+ 3 rice cakes (27g) (ca. 500 Kcal)
Before Bed:
30g Almonds + 1 Scoop Whey Isolate + 250g low-fat-curd (ca. 420 Kcal)
Total: ca. 2000 Kcal (1947 in this listing but we all know it can vary)

-Bench Press 5X5 80Kg
-Incline Dumbbell 4x8-12
-Dips 4x10
-Cable Crossover 4x12-15
-Hanging leg raises 3x15
-Butterfly Machine 4x12
-Cable Triceps 3x15
-250Kcal of Cardo (running)

-Deadlift 3x5 120Kg

  • Pull ups 3x till failure
    -Cable Row 4x10-12
    -Standing Crunch 3x15
    -Lat. Pull Down 3x10-12
    -Seated B. Curl 3x10-12
    -250Kcal of Cardo (running)


-Bench Press 5X5 80Kg
-Incline Dumbbell 4x8-12
-Dips 4x10
-Cable Crossover 4x12-15
-Hanging leg raises 3x15
-Butterfly Machine 4x12
-Cable Triceps 3x15
-250Kcal of Cardo (running)

-Squads 5x5 100Kg
-hanging raises 4x10-12
-crunches 3x15-20
-push sled 3x 40m
-hammer curls 3x 12
-front squads 3x 12
-250Kcal of Cardo (running)

-Active Rest (1 hour of climbing or running)


Here a before and after picture. I hope there is nothing wrong with my diet because I really would have trouble eating less. I know I have still a long way to go to (rather an endless way) but wanted to know if I am on the right track.

Now: (poor quality had no camera this morning, will update when I have one)

What I want to get rid of:

P.S. Sorry any grammar errors, English is not my native language.

Wow. That is fantastic progress and you should be very proud of yourself. You are obviously on the right track as noone drops 80 pounds by accident. I’ll let the physique guys chime in on your diet and program since thats not really my ballpark, just wanted to say good job and congrats. In on the thread for further progress.

First glaring problem with your training… a grand total of 8 sets of lower body work all week (not including the 3 sets of deads or the sled pushing). Don’t be that guy. There are tons of much more efficient and effective plans to choose from. For example, this is a good full body plan or this routine is a straight-up bodybuilding program.

[quote]-250Kcal of Cardo (running)
Don’t track cardio by calories burned. Go by duration, intensity (speed), and/or distance covered. Or if you do “have to” use them as a guideline, use the exact same machine each time but understand that it’s not literally 250 calories, it’s a very broad generalization.

Nutrition-wise, you’re having basically two small meals and some shakes and snacks. If that fits your schedule, fine, but bump up the daily protein. I rough-guesstimated you’re getting maybe 150g. Shoot for at least bodyweight. That diet is also super-low fat, which can cause problems with everything from hormones to recovery. I’d shave down the carbs slightly to make room for the additional protein/healthy fats. Some kind of super-basic carb cycling could also be a good approach.

Also, without a doubt, killer work on the progress so far. Dialing things in even better will definitely bring more results.

Hey man appreciate the feedback.

I hoped that I wasn’t one of these people who skip leg day oh well you never learn enough. I look at those programs thanks. The reason I didn’t do more is that I don’t like leg machines and I couldn’t do much we free weights (wrong assumption). Plus I always had kind of hefty legs since I played football (soccer) for about 10 years.

Yeah shouldn’t have posted it that way. Normally I run 15mins with 10kmh so about 3km total. Ill try to ramp that up during the weeks 10% each time.

It fits pretty good, I have an office job and we have a large kitchen so I can do everything there. I cant eat a lot of food at once that is kinda problem but I say its still a good sized lunch. See picture.
Yeah it is about 150g and I should at least have 2g per kg body weight right? Ill bump that up.

Id like to eat more fats, any suggestions of what good fat products to eat that don’t bump up my caloric intake massively? Avocados is the only thing that springs to my mind right now. (Ill google that tomorrow).

thanks A LOT for the feedback :slight_smile:

olive oil is the easiest fat to add to things. Pour it on your veggies

Some of my favorite fats are: Olive/coconut/avocado Oil, Avocado, nuts, tabouli, and butter.