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Fitday Protein Numbers


Just a quick question for anyone who uses fit day or a similar application to track calories. Do you look the total protein at the bottom and use that for the amount of protien in a day or do only count the g's that come from meat and dairy? Thanks for the help.


Use the total protein at the bottom.


So even count the stuff from oatmeal and rice and what not then? Well shit I eat a lot more protein then ha.


Why wouldn't you count all the protein? I'm curious as to what your thinking was.


I was thinking that the protien coming from the carbohydrate sources (rice, quinoa, oatmeal) were not complete and not as functional. I'm not sure really. I also thought I had seen a couple people say they only counted the protein from meat eggs and dairy.


Personally, I count all of the grams of protein. It becomes more important if you're trying to trim down since even incomplete proteins contain calories.


Personally I follow the Shelby Starnes method of only counting protein in protein foods, carbs in carb foods, and fat in fat foods.


While it is true that certain plant-based proteins lack complete or balanced amino acid profiles, this isn't really an issue unless you are taking in a very larger proportion of your overall protein from one or two plant sources. Each plant protein has a different amino acid profile that has it's own strengths and deficiencies. If you are consuming a variety of starches and plant-based foods, then things balance themselves out and it's not really worth the extra effort to try to micro-manage all of that. As Davinci said, those calories still count, complete protein or not. Your best bet is to count those sources towards your total but make sure that the majority of your protein intake comes from meat, eggs, and dairy.

Quinoa is a complete protein, BTW.


Oh I still count all of the calories. I meant more if I was going for 300g protein.... trying to get that 300g from just meat egg and dairy or 300 total from everything.

Thanks for the advice and thoughts guys.


Count both, make sure that the animal is at least 80%, below 75%, you look to up it a bit.