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FitDay Nutritional Day for a Newbie


I'm 17, 5'10, about 170 currently. About 10 percent bodyfat, and just starting a bulk. Pretty new to all of this, and I'm just starting to eat as much as I believe I need to. However, I'd just like to make sure I'm doing all I can do, and I figured you guys could give some advice. Here are my totals for today in FitDay, thank you in advance:

2 Slices Whole Grain Bread
8 Egg Omelette
1 Banana, raw
1 Organic Crunchy Peanut Butter Sandwich
1 Chicken Breast, grilled
1 Protein Shake
1 ground turkey burger
2 Whole White Potatos, baked
5 Cups 2% Milk
3 oz Salmon
1 Cup Cottage Cheese

My Totals
Calories: 4427 kCals

Total Fats: 184.5g(1639kCal)
Sat Fats: 55.8g(497kCal)
Poly Fats: 40.8g(361kCal)
Mono Fats: 72.4(642kCal)
Protein: 333.5g(1353kCal)
Carbohydrates: 359.4g(1435kCal)


Looks pretty good to me, hit the weights hard and you should be good to go. Monitor your fat accumulation, if you dont notice much after a couple weeks, increase the cals. Decrease if fat gain is substantial, I'll repeat substantial. Expect some gain in fat but weight gain should be shifted towards muscle gain.


Thanks, I was worried about the high percentage of my calories coming from fat, but would that be ok as most of it is coming from poly and mono-satured sources? Also, if I do find myself gaining quite a bit of fat, should I reduce fat intake, calorie intake, or both?