Fitday Journal & Meltdown w/ carbs

Just wanted to drop a note and say thanks to whoever posted the fitday website. I have a program, Bodycraft that I’ve used throughout the years but this is so accessible from anywhere. It’s great, thanks for the info.

I read the thoughts on Meltdown with low-carbs but my question is what are the thoughts of Meltdown on a 40P/35C/25F eating plan? Should the idea of saving weights to build muscle and leaving the fat burning to diet and cardio be the preferred route? THanks!! Frank


Hey, I too just started using the fitday website. pretty cool! (see my public journal link below) I also just finished Meltdown/T-dawg using 50%p/25%c/25%f this seemed to work pretty good as I gained weight and lost bf%. PublicJournals.html?Owner=kraigy

I forget what your body comp numbers are, but if you have a fair amount of fat, then Meltdown with the macro breakdown you listed could work well for a couple of weeks. In general, I like a lower volume of lifting with a focus on strength for cutting cycles, but Meltdown could be effective for a period of time.

In general, I prefer a program like what Berardi just wrote about in the last issue, but with a different style of lifting. More along the lines of 5x5.