& Mag 10

Hey T-folk-

Check out this web based fitness and diet jounal. It has some misguided bullshit, but the diet log function is pretty good. One can also make your records public. It would make it easier for us to discuss specific diet issues if our actual logs were available.

Ordered my Mag 10 on Saturday and feel like one of my kids on a trip. “Are we there yet”

The website is I have entered my data for today and made is public. You can see a sample at jdhoyt - free online diet and fitness journal

I use that site every day, since I travel alot, it helps that I can get it anywhere. I wouldn’t have the time(patience) to track my calories if it wasn’t for that site. The nice thing is that you can track your macronutrient intake over long periods of time, and then compare that to any changes in your physique.