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Didn’t know where to post this, but as a coach I’m extremely excited to be a part of the upcoming FitcomXpo. Especially now that they’re offering CEU’s.

I cannot lie to you an online fitness event was
something that was not familiar to me and it
definitely raised a few questions in my mind and
I’m sure in yours as well…

Well Event Coordinator Geovanni Derice puts
all the speculations and questions to rest
with this video talking about FitcomXpo.

Go check it out by going here:


This video goes into detail about what FitcomXpo actually is and answers all the questions you’re probably thinking about whether or not you should join.

So definitely go and check it out by going here:


See you on the inside…


Yun Strength and Fitness Systems LLC

P.S.- The price for the event jumps up 25% on Friday so please sign up now to avoid the price hike. It’s still a bargain no matter what price you pay for this incredible amount of content but who doesn’t love bargains :wink: