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FitCast Challenge- Velocity Diet

So here is the deal. This week Chris Shugart is going to be
coming back on the show. He will be helping me make a
special announcement. This announcement will be a BIG part
of the new FitCast Forum.

What could this announcement be? Here it is so you can get
a head start.


What is that? Well. It is quite simple. For all who have
the courage to do so, FitCast listeners will be able to
participate in a challenge involving fitness and nutrition.
For the first FitCast Challenge, participants will be
following Chris Shugarts Velocity Diet. For 1 month you
will be following CS?s lifestyle changing diet.

For more info on the diet check out these two articles:

Velocity Diet- http://www.T-Nation.com/findArticle.do?article=05-009-diet

Velocity Diet Part II- http://www.T-Nation.com/findArticle.do?article=05-025-diet

This is how it will be set up. To participate you must do the following:

  1. Decide if you will be dedicated for 1 month. This means getting
    your but to http://T-Nation.com and ordering the supplies
    you need to do this diet. Read the two articles above.
    If you can not do this do not bother. Keep in mind you will
    most likely need 10 tubs of Low-Carb Metabolic Drive, some
    HOT-ROX, ground flax seeds, fiber choice, fish oil caps.
  2. Take a before picture. To be posted!
  3. Sign up on The FitCast Forum: http://thefitcast.com/forum
  4. Go to the ?The FitCast Challenge? section
  5. Create a post that looks like this
    Velocity Diet: ?Insert Name?
  6. Post your stats: Weight, height, age, sex, your
    biggest fear when starting the diet, your goal. And that
    before picture.

You will be required to post updates at least twice a week.
You must take pictures like your before pictures once every
10 days and post them!

Want more incentive then losing a ton of weight? OK, if you
follow the above directions you will have the chance to win
so prizes to be names later. But I am talking books,
supplements, t-shirts, manuals, and other goodies.

Winners of the contest will be voted on by other members of
the forum.

Make sense? Are you ready?

By the way, because I want to bond with you guys I will
join in on the fun. 100%.

Lets go,
See you on the forum, and I hope you are ready for the