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Fit TV 1/8 Squats


I'm serious, I was surfing the channels the other day and lo and behold their doing suats on the "Gym" show on fit tv. The idiots were getting all pumped up and encouraging each other "oh my god I can't believe he's going for it" as one of them attempts a 400 pound squat and then proceeds to do a 1/8 rep barely unlocking his knees with a guy holding his back and helping him out. None of them did anything close to parallel and the one guy who got closest (big bald guy) said he "use to" do 8reps with 400lbs. Uhm, yeah right!!

The whole thing was so stupid and know we probably have people all over the place that are thinking they can squat 500 since all they have to do is unrack it and unlock their knees then rack the weight ans scream of joy. F@#@@# Pathetic.


I've actually witnessed this BS irl.
Keep in mind I was 14 at the time and he was 16 and were both pussys.

"Man , been doing so much on the bench press, and I'm doing 15 mins of bicep curls with 10kg's straight".

At the time i knew A little bit about training, probably more then most my age and was thinking "sigh, twat". So I asked
"How much do you squat?"
"WOW, 70kg? holy shit thats amazing man, how many times?"
"10 times"

Anyway 2 years have passed im 16 now and workout at a gym he does. Me and my bro were training our legs, we were squating.
I asked, dude you can squat 70kg,right?
"Yer, easy peasy"
"Go for it then"
What i saw got me angry, he literally just unlocked his knee's and then locked them.

"I was like, nice, cool"
Then i did it in proper form and he walked off :stuck_out_tongue:

This story also happened with another of my friend who did quarter squats and classed them as FULL SQUATS!


LOL! Gotta love FitTV. Happened to see it last night and ran across "Booty Yoga". The exact name may have been a little off, but the words "Booty" and "Yoga" were part of the title. These dippy-ass looking women in leotards are demonstrating these weird dance moves while the two announcers stand next to them and make comments like, "oh, she's really working her booty now!"

What time was the show on that you saw? I just gotta see that!


Yeah I saw that episode last year. I couldn't believe it myself. I mean really it's not too hard to believe since partial squats are so common in gyms. But to be on TV squatting like that. Those guys had to see the show and think gee I'm not going too far down, right? Maybe not, I don't know. I always thought that if people saw on video how far they were from parallel that they would "get it". But I'm not sure. I'd be devastated if I was every on TV lifting like a pussy like that.


Squat incident at my gym yesterday. 2 guys doing partial squats in the smith machine....worst of all is: the one guy screams "Squat", whereas the second proceeds to do the 1/8th squat,and gets praised with a "Good squat..."

"Squat!""Good squat...", "Squat!""Good squat..." - quite entertaining....