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Fit, Strong, Hard to Kill: The Supertotal Supercop

Engine wasn’t too bad…but not where my ego wants it to be
First round was pretty impressive and then recovery was the main factor moving forward

It ain’t pretty, but it’s functional lol


Yer but what about the quaaaaads. Gotta give the people what they want mate. Lol

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Hahaha can’t give it all up on the first date

I always knew you were a tease. :joy:

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How do i make beard like u

Gotta kill a few people…Then you got to get sent to a slam, where they tell you you’ll never see daylight again. You dig up a doctor, and you pay him 20 menthol Kools to do a surgical shine job on your chin


Ty i’ll work on it

Now gypsies, share your secrets of the akebono deadlift

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Very simple. Stand wide-r but still comfortable. Vertical shins at the start is a good medium/start point. Keep hips high. Keep knees out / hip open. Wedge hips in / pull into position / pull slack / generate tension. Lift. Ez 6 plates

Hmmmm. Seems complicated and effective.
Too much for my brain

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No accessories today, just the main work

  1. Bench 3x3 105kg
  2. Db bench 3x5 40kg
  3. Squats 4x5 175kg, 2x8 155kg

Good days lifting

Some big lifts tomorrow, hence scrapping the assistance


Your squats seem to be in a really good spot right now. How’s the body holding up ?

Pretty bloody good mate! The odd little niggle here or there but nothing of any concern! How about you friend?

Love these movies/games.

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Very beat up particularly the hips. I have a de-load this week and then running a three week restorative block where I won’t do the main movements. Should give me enough of a break to feel good again and then back to work.

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Bit sore today but everything moved well once warmed up

  1. Snatches 2x2 70kg, 2x1 75kg
  2. Clean and jerk 2x2 90kg, 2x1 95kg
  3. Deadlift 3x3 195kg

Everything went really well. Definitely did not feel like 90% work


TnG easier than deadstop for u?

Hmm about the same, just quicker lol

Discrepancy could be comparing TnG reps to a max from a deadstop. I remember Larry Wheels setting literally a dozen rep PRs using TnG deads for clout for a solid half a year but off the floor the numbers didnt realise fully.