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Fit Happens

I’ve been seeing commercials for Gold’s gym and they’re offering something called “fit happens”. Basically the commercial says it’s ten dollars a month and no contract, which doesn’t sound like too bad a deal.

Does anyone here work at or work out at Gold’s that could provide some details (what’s the catch?)

BTW I live in Nebraska and I’m not sure if every Gold’s is participating.

I don’t live in the States/Canada wherever you might find ‘Golds’, but I’ve never heard good thing about 'em.

I typed “golds gym fit happens” into google, and it looks like they have a 1 hr class by that name. Maybe you only get to go to that class a few times a week. Not a bad start for a friend or loved one who’s seriously out of shape.

Yeah, a class is better than nothing for someone new to get started. Maybe the reason there’s no contract is because they don’t expect anyone to show up in February.

I work out at home but I wouldn’t mind paying ten dollars a month with no contract to come into the gym once in a while to use a couple things that I don’t have the money or space for.

I work out at a Gold’s gym and I think it is just something that they are just doing in your area. I bet there is a catch but the worst that could happen is that you check it out, go on the tour, and when they sit you down to tell you what it costs you can say no thank you.