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Use chopsticks.


I do frequently use chopsticks when I eat as well. Between those and the baby spoons, bases are covered!


New low yesterday, 163.8, and 164 today. So, l lost 4.5 pounds this month since we got back from vacation, happy with that progress and pacing. These next 4 weeks should provide some quicker movement with the adjustments to the diet and cardio.

In the sauna after weights yesterday, and there’s a guy next to me who I have polite conversation with every now and then when we see each other. He’s got a positive attitude in general, always fun to talk to. He says:
“So Rob, preparing for any competitions coming up?”
“No, I’m taking a break from competing. After doing it for two years straight, doing a show can really affect your quality of life and I I decided to prioritize other things, like family, my businesses, and just enjoying living the healthy lifestyle.”
"Oh man, it pains me to hear that Rob, because your competing was such a huge part of your quality of life."
“Pains you? It was paining me!”

My experience competing was invaluable, I learned so much about myself, how to eat, train, time management, and further confirmed that with the right attitude and actions anything can be accomplished. I carry these lessons with me today and always will. But, I just thought it was funny the way he said it.


That would work. I’d starve…or just eat with my hands.


Another new low this morning, 163.2, so down 5.2lbs in just under 5 weeks. Hasn’t been challenging, I’ve structured a nutrition plan that keeps me satisfied and Friday evenings is our “cheat meal,” (feels like one anyway) which is takeout from a local Greek place, chicken souvlaki platter with greek salad, and a toasted Ezekiel english muffin, then we share a couple pints of Halo Top. We’re structured our plan that this puts us at maintenance calories for the day, where as the other 6 days a week we’re in a deficit.

One of the ways I incorporate family meals or going out to eat and still making progress is just to make sure I train a big muscle group that day (like legs today) and adjust my nutrition throughout the day to leave some extra room for the evening. I’ve learned that deserts and alcohol are physique killers, so I have no problem not eating desert, and opting for Halo Top or Enlightened ice cream at home, and I enjoy the savory healthy meals, meat and veggies, rice, etc.


Busy week, still kept the training and nutrition moving along with a new low of 162.6, so down 6lbs since New Years. I certainly am going to cut a couple more pounds for our beach trip in 2 weeks, but currently at 162, surprisingly, I’d be happy maintaining my current level of conditioning. It’s the best combination of size and conditioning I’ve ever had. I’m confident I’ve put some solid mass on the last almost 2 years not competing, and now that I’m getting leaner I can really see a lot of it. It’s been easy to cut to here, so I’m guessing that once I get to 156ish I’ll be at a great maintenance spot and should be about 9-10%.

Another side effect of more muscle gains, is now I have an even harder time finding clothing. I’m 5’4", so it’s hard enough as it is. I’m either a medium or a large shirt depending on the shirt, sleeves are always too short and the shirt is typically too long. Recently got a whole bunch of new dress shirts, couple suits, etc. Sport jacket I have to get a 40 short to fit in the chest, then the tailoring begins with the sleeves, tapering, and shortening. Pants, even though my waist is a 30, I need to get a 31 or 32 to fit my thighs, then the waist gets taken in and the legs are shortened. Pretty sure I spent as much at the tailor as I did on the clothes themselves! But, investing in yourself and your clothes is a good investment. Not saying go spend needlessly and have more than you need, but what you do need, invest in quality and make sure it fits perfectly. When you have clothes that are high quality and they really fit you perfectly, you feel great, more confident, better performance of whatever you’re doing, and you give a great first impression.

Not as much on my radar when I’m going to the gym, I still wear old basketball shorts or warm up pants, and tank tops made from cut up old t-shirts. I am still baffled at the leggings every guy wears in the gym under his shorts, despite not working his legs, or why someone would spend so much money on an outfit to workout in. But, when it’s business time, over the past year as I’ve got away from writing music all day and into the Real Estate business, it’s become a priority to always look sharp.

Anyone have suggestions on clothing for guys that lift? I found Johnston and Murphy to have excellent shirts, Express has great shirts, pants and suits, and sometimes there are killer sales, and Mens Wearhouse. I was in Mens Wearhouse today just to get some items tailored, walked out with 2 custom suits, some ties and a couple other items. For those of us who have trouble finding clothes that fit, Mens Wearhouse has some pretty solid pricing for custom shirts from scratch, which I’m definitely going to try soon. Most items will look fantastic if you get them tailored. I have 2 pairs of Levi’s athletic cut jeans, $25 bucks each, got them tailored and they’re perfect.

On the mindset front, this week brought some challenges. My new website is launching a week from today, and there are many moving pieces. Developer is doing a ton, hired a new social media marketing company, new products being launched, a couple of new hires, direct mail campaign going out, etc. Handling that while laying the groundwork for our Real Estate businesses we’ll be opening in Texas has felt a little overwhelming at times. The most important thing to remember at those moments when the “anti-you” is bringing doubt or fear into your mind, is to have faith and confidence in yourself, your goals and your beliefs, and know that it will all come together. At those moments I just focus on the task at hand, I find writing down what I need to do in that part of the day, or the entire day, to keep moving forward, also helps my mind from feeling too chaotic when my goals are laid out in front me.

Another thing I started doing lately is writing down my goals daily. I don’t expand on them, or spend too much time doing it, I just write them down every day on a legal pad. The act of writing them down at the beginning and end of every day it great for the mindset, and keeps you focused and hungry.

Have a great weekend all!


Holy crap that’s a lot to take in. Last year I discovered Jos A Bank for dress clothes. I’ve used The Men’s Wearhouse too but I liked Jos better. They had more options and it was cheaper. The only reason I even went there was because The Men’s Wearhouse didn’t have a great suit in my size. I’ll probably never go back now.

It could just be luck of location too. Jos has a local warehouse so they can check the computer and find your suit right away.

Good luck on the real estate endeavors!


Not as formal as a suit but my favorite button up “casual” shirts are 7 diamond brand. A little expensive but awesome. Have them at Nordstrom’s.


I have a few 7 Diamonds shirts. Love them. They seem to have a pretty tapered waist.

I just tried the Men’s Warehouse custom-fitted shirts deal. Haven’t picked them up, but hopefully they work. I cannot stand the look or feel of an un-tapered tucked-in shirt. It’s like walking around with a parachute wrapped around your waist.


Definitely. A couple of years ago I was in a groom’s party for a friend’s wedding and we got our suits from Jos A Bank, had it tailored and it still fits like a glove. Mens Wearhouse has a sale going on right now, $700 normal price suits for $280, so I just got lucky finding a sale.

Could be location, there’s one near me, it’s smaller and didn’t have anything I liked. Then I went to another one, bigger and just a better operation being run there, and had a good experience.

Thank you! As we’re moving to TX, I’m in the process of completing the education requirements for TX Real Estate License, which has the highest amount of hours requirements in the country, at 180 hours. I’ve been spending a few hours a day on it over the past couple months so I’m near the end, should be finished within a week, then just need to take the license exam. Once that’s all done I’ll have a lot more time in my day and can focus more on the business plans.


Thanks for the input! I haven’t seen them before, I’ll be sure to look for them next time I’m in a Nordstroms.

Definitely will check them out. That’s a plus for me with the shirts at Express, they’re all tapered.

Please fill us in on your opinion once you get them, would love to hear it.


I hate small spoons, i need a shovel when i eat :rofl:


That was supposed to say gray suit lol!

I just wanted a certain color. They were supposed to call me when one came in - never did.


My latest pre-bed meal, it’s amazing!

-1.5 scoops Metabolic Drive Chocolate Protein
-15g Hershey’s cocoa
-1 packet Stevia
-Splash of unsweetened almond milk
-40g of this cereal

Mix protein, cocoa, stevia and splash of milk with a spoon until you get an icing like consistency. Then, stir in cereal, and put in the freezer for an hour. Cereal stays crunchy and chocolate gets harder, it is SO GOOD.

The cereal is great, made from beans, clean ingredients, no added sugar, gluten free and pretty tasty. The cereal is very light, so one serving seems like a lot. I always have carbs pre-bed, these are a good way to get them in!


For jeans, I get mine at Costco! They have a little bit of spandex in them which give the denim some stretch. They seem to be the only jeans that don’t require me to purchase them 2-4" too large around the waist. Additionally, they are only $14.99 CAD, so like $5 USD, lol.


I literally have over 50 express shirts. I buy the Large Tall online in slim fit. I only wear their shirts because they always fit and fit wel.

For jeans, I wear Levi’s 541s. But I’m kinda looking for something else. Might try Barbell apparel.

For dress pants, I only wear golf pants. I go to Nike or UA and buy them up off season. Especially if you’re in Texas, they’re nice because they aren’t too hot.


Nice! We used to have a Costco membership, not anymore though.

Cool, let me know how the Barbell works out if you try it. Express has a good sale this weekend, I got 2 pairs of jeans that actually fit off the rack, and are very comfortable with a lot of stretch. I could squat in them if I had to!


Moving along towards my beach event next weekend, new low of 161.6 today. I’m happy with my conditioning for the beach and photo shoots, and am going to keep slowly cutting for summer. It’s been pretty easy so far, 7 pounds down and averaging losing a pound a week. My summer weight goal is 153-155, I’m really like this slow and steady approach compared to my usual more aggressive style.

Had a great leg session yesterday on my high carb/cal day (which puts me at maintenance calories), squats felt great.
315x10 - Wasn’t initially expecting to get 10, I was planning for 6-8, but took a longer rest before the set and felt good.

From a business side, the past couple weeks have been focused on getting my new music business website and new products up and running. There have been a ton of moving parts, but it’s all coming together and will be launching on Tuesday, extremely excited to see it all come together.

From another business side, this past week I finally finished my 180 hours of course work for the Texas Real Estate license exam, took a little less than 2 months start to finish to get through it all. I’m excited to have finished it, and now will have another 3-4 hours of my day back to focus on other things!


Nice log.

Im in.



Nice to have you along for the ride @theBird!