Fit For Life as An Entrepreneur

Greetings T-Nation Community! Thanks for reading my post.

This training log will focus on my real-world efforts to main a great physique and healthy life-style as a busy entrepreneur. The most consistent excuse for lack of physical fitness or contentment with one’s health is, “I don’t have time to ::insert something you should be doing here::” We all have the same 24 hours in a day, and with very few exceptions, it is entirely possible to stay lean, look great and be healthy, no matter what your work and family commitments may be. This log will be updated as often as possible as I make it happen, with no BS or false hype.

A brief background on my journey:
-34 years old, 5’4"
-Went through the first 25 years of life out of shape and chubby, never athletic in any way (except for tennis team, which I was decent but not great)
-Got real fat from 23-25 as I had a very sedentary lifestyle and ate crap (though I thought I was being healthy at the time.)
-Hit a low point at 25 when I was putting on a belt with quite a lot of struggling, finally got it on, and the belt buckle popped off and flew across the room. Weight was 205lbs, which at 5’4" with no muscle is pretty damn fat. I would break a sweat going up stairs and had to hold my breath when I tied my shoes.
-Started training for a marathon (because running is what you do when you want to lose weight, right?), got 12 weeks in and realized I absolutely hated running and wouldn’t do it anymore.
-Saw an infomercial for P90X, decided to go all in no matter what. Went through the program twice, and 6 months later was down to 135lbs with a tiny little six pack.
-Found T-Nation around 27, got hooked on Surge Workout Fuel, Metabolic Drive and Finibars. Read hours every day, excited to learn new things. Started the Indigo Hypertrophy program and over time went through numerous programs on the website.
-At 30 years old, after reading some prep logs, decided to step on stage in a natural bodybuilding show. Hired @The_Mighty_Stu to be my coach.
-First year competing I placed 4th, then 2nd at a very competitive INBF Hercules.
-Second year competing, won the overall at both shows and got my pro card.
-Decided to stop competing and focus on life, that was a year and a half ago.

Previous prep logs:
Year 1 - Rob's Road to Hercules: Contest Prep
Year 2 - Rob's 2017 Contest Prep Thread

What I do now:
-I am a full time composer of music for highly competitive marching bands. Most of my clients are high schools, a few colleges, and I also write the pre-game and half-time show for The Baltimore Ravens. I taught middle school music for 8 years, before being able to make the transition to full time composing 3 years ago.
-I invest in Real Estate, and that aspect is starting to take a more full-time roll to composing.
-Married for 5 years to an incredible woman, we’ve been together for 10. We are training partners, we lift every day together and eat the same stuff. She also stepped on stage 2 years ago, I coached her through it and we competed at the same show. An incredible experience.
-I have a short list of clients I coach for training and nutrition. Some are competitors, most are not.

Why am I starting this log?
-It is absolutely essential for me to always maintain an athletic looking physique and healthy lifestyle. As a former fat boy, and someone who never, ever thought I could attain a solid physique, I won’t ever allow myself to go back.
-As my travel/flights increase, various business ventures take more time, and I operate day to day as an entrepreneur, staying healthy is a top priority. Although sometimes it is more challenging than others, I am always able to stay on track with my health and fitness goals, and to keep myself accountable, as well as hopefully provide some motivation for others, wanted to start this log.

Current Training and Nutrition
I still train with a bodybuilding-style 5 day split. Some deviation is required depending on my schedule, but for the most part, it is:
Monday - Back
Tuesday - Chest
Wednesday - Cardio or Off
Thursday - Shoulders
Friday - Legs
Saturday - Arms
Sunday - Cardio or off

After finishing my last contest in June of 2017, I decided to take an extended break from competing. I didn’t want life to take a backseat any longer, and also wanted to give myself a chance to not be in a caloric deficit. I got into competing fairly soon after getting into the gym, and wanted to just focus on life, training, eating normally and putting on some quality muscle over time. So, for the past year and half, I’ve been at maintenance or a caloric surplus, and it’s been fantastic.

Stage weight was 140lbs. 3 weeks ago I was up to 168.4lbs, the heaviest I’ve been a few years. But, I was holding it well and thought I weighed less based on the mirror, my pants or belt weren’t getting tighter, so that tells me I’ve been able to put on some solid LBM. But, summer is coming, and summer bodies are made in the winter. After a year and a half of slowly gaining, it was time to cut again.

This time around, I’m not going as hard as I usually would on a prep. I’m eating in a deficit, about 300 cals, and doing some steady state cardio after weights. On Wednesdays and Sundays, I’ll do a HIIT workout or extended LISS session, unless I’m really feeling like I need a day off physically. Mentally, training is an escape from the day, so I always love to get in the gym, even if it’s just for some light cardio and taking time to relax in the therapy pool and sauna.

So far I’ve been able to lost a pound a week, 165 even this morning. Aiming for 155 by June, which shouldn’t be a problem with this slow and steady approach.

Currently, most of my day is spent in front of my computer in my office writing music, so as I have a pretty sedentary day, I make sure to take a few walks with the dog, and then I meet my wife at the gym in the afternoon when she’s done at work.

That covers where I’ve come from and what I’m doing now. So, what’s coming up? This week is pretty normal for the next 4 days, then Friday-Sunday I’ll be in Seattle with some of my Real Estate investment partners. On longer trips I always make sure to locate the local gyms and get my daily training in. Shorter trips like this, I won’t train, because I want to take advantage of the time with my friends and partners, and check out Seattle as I haven’t been there before.

Please feel free to post any questions any time, and check out my previous prep logs. They’re super detailed and have lots of pics.


Great to see you back around again. Will be following along as always buddy.

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I’m in for the log

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I’m in

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@kd13, @danteism, @duketheslaya- thanks for tagging along guys! Good to see you on here!


The past 4 days I’ve had some seriously intense pain in my back, from my scapula up to my trap, not sure what caused it. But, in an effort to continue towards my goals without just skipping the gym, I still have gone every day and just opted for some LISS-MISS on a variety of cardio machines with my iPad chipping away at some movies, then sitting in the therapy pool and sauna. I think some folks would have “pushed through the pain” and tried to train anyway, which IMO is just begging for further complications. So, I decided to work around it and just focus on healing up. Today is the first day it hasn’t hurt, so I’m going to take the day completely off of going to the gym, and will get back on my usual split tomorrow.

On a nutritionally related note, we just discovered these items in a store near us. Absolute game changer for a low cal or low carb day. They taste like whatever you cook them with and add quite a lot of volume to your plate. We’ve been making them with marinara sauce and sautéed veggies, throw in meat of your choice, and you’ve got a great dinner.


Glad to see you posting again. I’m in!

Looking forward to living vicariously through you and all of your entrepreneurial adventures.


Love your story man. Looking forward to following!

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@littlesleeper great to see you too again man! Thanks for coming on board!

@jshaving thank you very much for your comment and following on the thread!

So this is where all the cool kids are hanging out.

What’d I miss?

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It is, welcome to the hang. Not much, thread started yesterday and today made a thrilling post about some back pain and fiber noodles. Good to see you @Yogi1!

Gluten Free
Wheat Free
Fat Free
Sugar Free
Low Calorie

What exactly is in these?


Lol, they’re really pretty good!


In for the new log, man. Very cool story.

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I’ll be following along.

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@flappinit and @dagill2, thanks for following guys!

Back pain is gone today, gonna get back to the weights after 3 days of cardio, and one full day off. I’ve only got today and tomorrow to train before I leave for my trip Friday, not sure what I’ll do yet, but I’ll figure it out and as far as weights and reps, will decide that once I start my warm up sets and see how my back is feeling.

On another note, just got a 4 day meeting scheduled in Florida at a beach house with our partners there, for the end of next month. Big house, right on the beach. So, certainly want to be ready for that, I’ll probably take the diet and cardio up a notch after my trip this weekend.

Good session yesterday, first one back in 4 days after my back pain subsided. I’m leaving tomorrow for the weekend trip, which only gave me yesterday and today for training this week, so I wanted to squeeze in what I could. I did supersets for back and chest, then 20min LISS, today will be supersets for arms and 20min LISS. Yesterday was:

  1. Seated cable row/Cable flyes, 4 sets each. On the cable flyes I cross my arms over each other in the middle to get a strong contraction, really gets a great pump too.
  2. Medium neutral grip lat pulldown/low to high cable flyes, 4 sets each.
  3. Hammerstrength flat press/hammerstrength row, one arm at at time, 4 sets each.

Kept it moving, had a great pump and strong session. Supersets have been a great tool to utilize when I want to get a solid session in, efficiently hit everything I want to and get back home.

Dang dude. That is some impressive shit. I’m personally a great starter of things but then I let all my learning and planning delude myself in to thinking I’m actually doing something and then I tend to let fear and excuses in and then never finish what I started. That is why you’re a winner and a success and I am not.

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@davidtower, thanks for your kind words man, I appreciate it. As this log isn’t just focused on training, but also the entrepreneurial mind set, please allow me to offer some thoughts on your post.

Fear, and contentment, are the biggest enemies of success and progress. Ultimately, truly successful people understand that “failure” is merely a temporary “defeat”, and that the only way to improve and succeed at something is to fail, but learn from those mistakes and improve! It’s quite impossible to get good at anything without failures along the way. Thomas Edison is quoted as saying, “I have not failed, I have found 10,000 it won’t work.” Good thing he went for 10,001! Here’s a quite accurate image I found online a while ago, that perfectly illustrates this aspect of success:


In his most recent work, “Outwitting the Devil,” author Napoleon Hill (author of one of the most standard and widely-known entrepreneurial mindset books, “Think and Grow Rich”), talks about the habit of “Drifting”, and that most people drift through life, afraid to think for themselves. And those people tend to view failure as a permanent, rather than temporary event. If you haven’t read “Think and Grow Rich,” I can’t recommend it enough, go buy it and read it immediately. When you’ve finished that, move on to “Outwitting the Devil.”

Now, practically, it’s not like I don’t get temporarily discouraged or stressed when things don’t go well. Currently I am quite overwhelmed with the amount of things going on in my life, including:

-A complete rebranding of my composing business, with a new logo, pro videographers, new website, forming new partnerships, all of which has taken over 6 months and more than $15,000.

-Pursuing more Real Estate investments and expanding my portfolio with my partners.

-Getting ready to relocate to Austin, TX in the summer time, moving my family, as well as my brother and my parents. So, getting ready to sell the house, move, etc., while doing everything mentioned above.

-Opening a new Real Estate business in Austin no later than one year from now.

-Justifying the $40,000 my wife and I have spent this year on our education and mindset.

-Keeping training and nutrition in check.

As I mentioned, no BS here, just being real.

So, quite a lot to be overwhelmed by, and some days I feel it more than others. But, ultimately, I WILL NOT STOP, NO MATTER WHAT, and knowing that, I know that ultimate permanent failure is impossible, because I won’t let that happen, ever.

This year has been truly incredible for my wife and I. We’ve traveled more than ever, had our minds expanded as to what is truly possible and what we are capable of, and after spending quite a lot of time, and money on our education, have dramatically changed the course of our lives to lead us on a path that will allow us to truly thrive and achieve our wildest dreams. We haven’t arrived yet, but we’re on our way, and there’s no doubt that we will succeed because we won’t let it happen any other way.

You have to have enough faith and confidence in yourself, and believe in yourself and your vision enough, that you know you will succeed. Fear will still creep in, as will doubt, but you must shut those voices down immediately! I highly recommend “Be Obsessed Or Be Average” by Grant Cardone, this was a huge game changer in mindset for me and has really helped me be aggressive in growing my confidence and beliefs.

@davidtower, come on brother, I know that you’ve got the potential to be successful! The only limits we have are the ones we place on ourselves.

“Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Your Vision is the promise of what you shall one day be. Your Ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil.” - James Allen