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Fit For 6 Years


Look I don't need the negativity, I was just couious as to what ya'all might think. I'm not looking to get up on stage as a bodybuilder but rather as a fitness model. I'm 40 years old and have a 3yr old son. I get alot of attention from regular people and gym members looking for advice. My legs are propotional to the rest.


Looks like a model pose there, all serious. Looking very good though imo, I would be very happy with a physique like that, fit and muscular looking.

What are your lifting stats?


Good upper body! Can you give us a pic of your legs as well?


Good job, at 40, you look better than most 25 year olds do.

Not trying to be negative, but how exactly do you define "in proportion"..some people's idea of proportionate legs differs from others... From the picture you posted, it looks like your upper body is carrying a great deal more mass than your lower body. At 180 lbs and 6', I feel like this is probably the case. A good number of fitness models still have reasonably strong wheels.

Once again, not being negative, just dont sell yourself short.


You look good for your age, visible wheels or not. What makes you think that people would react negatively to you? Just curious.

Wow, lots of guys never get their old bodies back after they have children. Darn stretch marks and postpregnancy fat. :stuck_out_tongue: Nah, kiddiing.


Aren't you the CEO for some supplement company? Being serious here. And yeah, you look great. Funny thing is you have big cheeks (sounds gay, but the pic ain't screaming hetero, either) and seem to carry weight in your face. Just an observation. I once had a physique close to that, then I got married (then divorced, YESSSS). San Diego!


how did your obliques get so big?


I've seen that same ad before. The guy in the picture is definitely not new to posing in public.


This has got to be a troll job. I have a hard time believing that someone would post what he did if they were being sincere.

Ok, but I have to warn you that we're now pretty limited in what we can say.

Again, my hands are tied.

Carrying your child for 9 months and the labor must have been tough on your physique. Glad you bounced back!

A lot of attention? Yet you need more?

Why not just post a head shot and say that you're entire body is proportional?


If you see the name of the last part of his picture (right click - properties) it's called: "Men_s_Exercise___BioSil_Ad_______.jpg"

A troll who doesn't even bother to do the job right and hide "the evidence".


But it doesn't mean that's not his pic does it?

Either way if it is a troll job n shit lol wtf are people doing with their lives like actually...what is the fucking point behind doing that...i just can't comprehend it in my own mind why someone would do that


First, the guy would have to be clueless enough to grab a pic that has been featured in several bodybuilding mags over the past couple of years for a supplement company. It isn't even a major company but I do remember the picture.

As far as why someone would do it, trolls have been doing that on the internet since the web existed. The funny thing is, the more people using the internet, the harder it is to pull things like this off. If you snatch someone else's picture to use as your own, chances are, someone has seen it before somewhere.

When I first logged into a bodybuilding forum years ago, everyone claimed they were all over 260lbs and ripped. You see how drastically these claims have decreased now that people start asking for pictures as proof.


I remember one time on a non-bodybuilding / non-fitness website a guy posted a picture of Jamie Easton wearing civilian clothing and convinced tons of people that that was his sister who he had an incestuous relationship with. He said that she was built because she used to do gymnastics in high school.

Anyways, he eventually got busted. It was a good laugh because I had recognized her from this site.


I still don't understand the logic behind....making...shit...up. This is reality here, not fuckin make-up-story-time.


WOW such accusations and contriversy.
First let me assure you all that that is me and yes, I was in a few magazines last year, and yes I do work for JARROW FORMULAS a vitamin company. I am not a troll. I mention my son because you all seem to have this GAY preoccupation. Compliment or advise in a certain way and your gay, too good looking and you gay, pose for fitness photos and your gay. I will put a couple more photos on here to put the rumors to rest. Some of you come across so angry, bitter, old, fat, jealous, and behave like a has-been.

All of us put our necks out for some advice and a little ego stroke, and yes we all want attention, its why we strive with such determination to acheive. I am proud of myself as should the rest of the submitters of this rate sections.


Are they all gonna be from the same photo shoot?


Very good physique. Although another photo would be ideal; I think I'd have to disagree with the statement that your legs are proportionate.


Duh, do you know how hard it would be to find more fake pictures of the same guy?

Shit that might take all day...

If I was him I wouldnt respond to anyone and let the thread die out.

Reminds me of Go Heavy Fool.


Ya Know All I was looking for was some critique, an opinion, perhaps a suggestion or two, but I got all this useless childish waiste of time. I concider some of you to be just sad, you thrive on this hate inside you. Sorry this is me, don't know why ya'll have such a problem with that.

Ya know I work in the real part of the health and fitness industry and I live the synonimus lifestyle, Yeah I'm 40 years old and still get paid and published as a fitness model. I never bothered to ever get involved in these sites and just experience why. Thanx for the expected disappointment. Where are your pictures?


How many do we need here?