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Fist Meets Jaw... Jaw Wins

I punched a concrete wall once and my chiropractor laughed at me.

[quote]Fuzzyapple wrote:
LOL learn how to punch?

My friend did this exact thing. The doctor told him when it finish healing his knuckles will be almost unbreakable. He’s punched out car windows and other people after it’s healed with no trouble. [/quote]

this sounds awesome.

brb, breaking both my hands.

This is why we remember to use our elbows…

Boxers wear gloves to protect their hands because they hit so fucking hard.

Even if you don’t hit hard, the hand is composed of many small bones attached together by ligaments and whatnot.
The head is composed of few, and very large bones that are meant to protect your brain.
Doesn’t matter how hard/fast you throw a punch; you are basically hurling a small fractured rock towards a boulder.
Not to say you can’t hit hard and come out with minor injuries, but realize that your bone density is something that is a factor in this and this can be elevated via PROPER training.

I’m a little more gay after reading this.

Light Weight Baby!

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Cool story brah. Did you also rip a stopsign out of the ground? If not, why not?


Yea and Pics or STFU. Also with the Pics must be holding a shoe.

Did you atleast knock the guy out? If not then there was no need to throw a punch.

What happened next in your dream?

[quote]mtylermartin wrote:
I’m a little more gay after reading this.[/quote]

How gay were you before?