Fist Meets Jaw... Jaw Wins

So about three months ago I’m leaving a party, pretty tanked and a little belligerent. I’m walking back to my place when I come upon this guy screaming at his girl and then he swings at her. I put him out with a shot to the jaw and went on my way (aka ran before campus security showed up). When I got back to my dorm I realized my hand was severely dilapidated… like my last two knuckles were pretty much gone.

I broke my 4th and 5th metacarpals and had to have them surgically pinned back together. So I broke my hand for a girl I didn’t know, who I only saw once after the incident and even didn’t get a quickie from or anything (cold right?) and i was out of the gym for 6 weeks. I lost 15 pounds and was basically a useless invalid with no game.

To make it worse i had to wear this ridiculous splint which made it difficult to pick up other girls. Wasn’t all bad, made a great conversation starter at times (women dig the whole chivalry bit). Back in the gym now but I thought I’d share this… oh, and the other guy? In a neck brace for a month… still not worth it though.

I like stories.

Fuck you.

You lose.

How did you jerk off? You know, just incase this happens to me

If there’s one thing these kind of posts are good for, it’s reading the mocking/insults that goes on after.

Legal cockblock, for example, was epic.

Damn. I was expecting a youtube link.

I broke a nail once, kept me out of gym for 3 years.

[quote]bonerjams98 wrote:
How did you jerk off? You know, just incase this happens to me[/quote]

ever heard about the stranger ?

So about 3 months ago, couldn’t you find a forum to dump stupid shit like this on?

You had to save it up till you found us?

Go sucker punch a fucking bus from a freeway overpass or something you dumb bastard. Let us know how it goes in the “get an afterlife” forum.

[quote]SkyzykS wrote:
Let us know how it goes in the “get an afterlife” forum.


I love when people think that big muscles = ability to punch.

Enjoy your friday night fracture remnant. You’ll never fully recover the use of those fingers or the hand in general.

[quote]Lpoolbuilder wrote:
…was basically a useless invalid with no game.


haha someone doesn’t know how to throw a punch


how do we keep this from happening to our own handzees?

You didn’t get a quickie from her because that was her boyfriend, and she went back to him to fuck after that incident went down. BUT YOU WEREN’T HERE FOR THAT THREAD WERE YOU???

I thought this thread was gonna have a cool video.

And you were out of the gym for 6 weeks and LOST 15 pounds? Usually when I break a bone ill sit on my ass watching porn till it heals, and certainly dont lose weight.

LOL learn how to punch?

My friend did this exact thing. The doctor told him when it finish healing his knuckles will be almost unbreakable. He’s punched out car windows and other people after it’s healed with no trouble.