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Fist Cycle Test E


Hi i'm new hear I've done alot of research and wanted to know what everyone thought of my first cycle. I've never injected I've always lifted naturally right now I'm on a cut for 3 more months. I've decided to do test only because i hear you get better gains the first time around anyways here we go.
Week 1-10 TEST E at 500mg
250mg Sunday night 250mg Wednesday
also ive decided to use a 23g 1 1/2 needle for the draw and pin is this a bad idea ive heard both ways and thought it would be easy just to buy in bulk pin and dispose

Week 13-16 PCT with Nolva 40/40/20/20 and Clomid 100/100/50/50


do NOT reuse pins. Seriously.

other than that your cycle is fine. You might want to consider an oral kickstart (dbol or var are popular choices) and hCG, but neither are strictly necessary.


yea i know not to reuse them lmao thats why i would by in bulk i said 23g so i wouldnt have to draw then switch needles. And as far as oral i wanted to strictly to injection and test only for first cycle. and i wanted to get hcg but i cant come across it idk but it would be nice to have some pregnyl


yea i know not to reuse lmao that’s why i said buy 23g in Bulk so i wouldn’t have to change the needles after drawing then to pin lol ill just draw, pin ,trash. As for the oral i wanted to stick strictly to injection for my 1st cycle and test e only on top of that. its still 3 months from now so i could change my mind idk. As for the HCG i cant come across it believe me i want it. It would be nice to have Pregnyl on hand.