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Fishing 2011


Seems appropriate to start a new fishing thread. Anyone gone yet? I'm going INSANE. Been out to two different lakes three times over the last two weeks (that's when the ice finally thawed) and haven't even gotten a nibble. It was 18F the first time and I about froze my fingers off. The second time was warmish, but the water was freezing. Got nothing over the course of 6 hours. Went again today, and it started blasting freaking SNOW 30 seconds after I got there so I left.

The lake I frequent is chocked full of panfish -- you can pull out 8" - 10" perch after perch after perch + tons of bluegill -- my last fishing session last year, I'd throw a nightcrawler out, then immediately start reeling in and I'd have a big perch by the time it reached shore. Caught the 40 limit in an hour. Itâ??s annoying cleaning them, but they are so damn tasty when breaded and dipped in cocktail sauce. Occasionally I'll get a big LM bass or massive carp. Not much catfish.
The other lake I frequent is full of crappie, perch, bass and alligator gar.

I ultimately fish for panfish and alligator gar. I think panfish are under-appreciated (they're feisty little bastards).

Anyone catching anything yet? Do you do it for sport or eating (or both)? Please, share recipes, tips, tricks, anything. I'm about to drop some tiny hooks in my aquarium at this point :smiley:


I caught a nice little rainbow trout last weekend.

Panfish on the fly are hilariously fun. I can play with them all day and not get bored. I just do it for sport, but now that I have gotten a little more dialed in on some of the better tasting fish, I may start eating them more often.


Can't wait to get at fly fishing again. It just snowed again about 4".


I get to go here and there, usually I don't when planned because something comes up. Also sucks when you have no boat. I went out in January on a lake up-state. Me and the bro-in-law raked in about 90 english red fin perch, 1 yellowbelly perch @ 49cm, and a spawning european carp @ 57cm over 3 days fishing.

I'll never pass up the chance to go on his boat out in the bay, but because he works crazy hours we don't get much of a chance. Generally target snapper, squid, flathead, king george whiting in the bay. Going to have a crack at some giant mulloway next month fishing from the shore. When I'm rock fishing I try and get some of the aussie salmon.

Need to get a good 12ft surf rod before then however. Right now I only have a 7ft snapper rod and a 8ft bream rod. Also want to get something lighter so I can jig the soft plastics effectively when freshwater fishing. The bream rod is floppy at the tip and too long, not really ideal for it.


Fishing the Niagara River last week, my husband caught a nice sized Pike and a couple of monster carp. Can't wait for Smelt season. Oh, and the Pike was delicious. It was coated in flour, salt and pepper then pan fried in butter. I don't rely on fancy recipes for fish- the simpler the better!


Awesome, glad the fish are biting somewhere. Monday is going to be the first 60+ degree day, I'm going to try and squeeze an hour in before the thunderstorms arrive.


Got a couple of trout last weekend and got a few decent bass over the week. Hoping to get out on the river (James) and get some catfish when it warms up a little.


The last time I went fishing (summer of 2010). It was late at night, my friend and I had a flood light. I tried a new lure..whipped it out there. I immediately heard a big splash, suddenly there was a monster on the other end of the line. After about 10 seconds he lost heart and I reeled him in. A freaking pan fish. Bastard!

I'll be going in a few weeks when I don't have to wear a coat.


For the guys targeting trout outside of Australia and New Zealand, do you have access to the 'Tassie Devil' lures?


They are big here in Australia. Very good lures.


Bought myself a surf rod today. Shimano 12ft Aerowave. $150.

Still need to get the reel and line though :stuck_out_tongue:


I just found out one of my favorite lakes is now catch-and-release for the next two years because the freaking Amish came in and fished it dry. I don't have much gripe about the Amish (except when they fail to put a warning triangle on their buggies), but this is getting ridiculous.

A lake I fished a couple years ago has been worthless since 2009 and is just now rebounding because the Amish fished everything out of it. They swoop in like a parasite and take EVERYTHING. They're damn poachers 99% of the time. They'll keep anything they catch and can get away with it because these lakes are so remote you might get a Ranger on them once a week just checking for trotlines. Funny thing is, they're perfectly fine using motorized boats, yet won't use cars.

I've driven through their countryside on multiple occasions - they have more than enough open land to dig several 20+ acre ponds and stock them. Why can't they just raise fish like they do every other creature?

Gah! I'm so fed up over this. Thank God my favorite lake is smack in the middle of a large, congested, loud city where no Amish person would dare try to take horse. The first time I see a giant white van pull in and a bunch of bonnets and beards get out, though, I'm gonna lose it.



The Amish poach deer like crazy also.

memorize the fishing regs and talk to any Amish you see fishing. Check out their creel. If they're over the limit. Call the game warden immediately.

My favorite trout stream is amazing. However, these weird Japanese people will catch a 100+ trout in one day. I have no problem calling the game warden on them.

Oh and catfish usually bite better when its warmer.


Thats funny, Squiggles. The same thing happens around here and through out central PA. There are a couple of creeks in particular locally that are very productive until the Amish fish them clean.


Hey SkyzykS do you think those Aussi lures would work here?, they should. The closest thing to those I have is a quick fish or a flat fish which work pretty well. I mostly use spawn bags, orange and black Rapela minnows, the odd worm blown up with air.

I'm going to see if my sis who lives in Mich. can order a few if it's not to expensive to ship up here.

Here's a pic of a Steelhead I caught a couple weeks ago, went three for four. Lost one lighting up a fatty lol. Not too big but it was fun and killed most of a day.


Squiggles: This is my favorite way to eat Pickeral and Perch. Small peice of fillet, spice it anyway you like then wrap 1/2 peice of bacon around it and to hold it together, poke it with a peice of uncooked spaghetti. No need to worry about toothpicks, just pop it in your mouth!

Here's a pic, fuck I'm hungry now lol.


My guess would be yes. They have good coloring to them and look like they would make a good bit of noise. If you can mix and match what the fish are feeding on, they would probably work pretty well.

Thats a nice steelhead. My year for them wasn't so good. They were few and far between, and the ones I did manage to run into were very passive.


Just got this last Friday. It snowed on Sunday. Been out once so far - zero bites. Going out tonight after work, I hear.



Was working one of my older driftboats down a river that's had it's share of dangerous spots this year and we hit some sweet Steelie's.

Great workout on the oars and rods :slight_smile:

My buddy with a handful


That looks fraking awesome, and I love the spaghetti noodle idea.


daaaaaamn, nice fish!