Normally I like fish (esp. in the form of sushi), but i’m thinking that since they just dumped a tanker of oil into the atlantic, it might not be such a good idea to consume fish as often for about a year or so. Does anyone else think this might be a problem?

If anything you would want to eat all the fish you want now and not eat any in a year.

I’m no expert, but I would think that given the size of the spill versus the size of the ocean, not eating fish might be a bit of an over-reaction. However, you may want to avoid fish from the area where the spill was concentrated for a little while.

If you go to Spain stay away from the fish there and other places in western europe. If you were in Spain it’ll be pretty damn hard to stay away from the seafood paella. The only place you can get the real deal is there. (I had to go there every summer for five years)

Consider also that the amount of oil that actually made it into the water is but a fraction of that which is conventionally dumped.

I like fish a lot. unfortunately, we’ve overfished the hell out of the water. Cod used to grow to 6’, now 2’ is big; you used to be able to catch them with only a bucket. I like cod, and thanks to jackasses everywhere eating fish sticks and processed McFishfat burgers, it’s less and less available in the future. And fresh tuna is higher in mercury than canned. Fish is getting to be a worse and worse idea. I pretty much quit eating fish; I’m no eco-nut but I think that I need to do my part to save something I like. If oil is your concern, it’s not much a problem, there’s a lot of water out there.

The other thing to consider is that oil does not mix with water. Instead, it float on the water. I would be more concerned with eating coastal water fowl (like seagulls (?!)) and sea mammals, which live on the water’s surface. Now if a shipment of DDT bound for India sinks, then it would be time to get worried.

more oil naturally seeps from fissures in the ocean floor every day than all disasters in history. Eat fish if you want to.