Fish + Other Oils?

Hello all,

I have a question concerning Fish oil dosage. I am taking 15 grams of generic fish oil per day and I also Take 2 Tbs of Udo’s Choice. Does the Omega 3 in Udo’s choice provide the same benefit as it does from fish oil?

Or would I be better off just upping my dose of fish oils and forgetting the Udo’s choice? The Udo provides 27 grams of fat 13 of which are listed as Omega 3’s.

Appreciate any input.


Can anyone shed light on this?

Udo’s is a blend some has to be converted to the EPA/DHA like fklax not to say it doesnt have benefit of its own but i prefer to skip the poor absorption, take a quailty fish oil like Flameout at 4-6 caps a day and then cheap walmart brand 12g a day. Throw in some flaxmeal every once and again ,walnuts etc im good


Also the other 14 grams i think are mainly 6’s which most of us have no prob getting enough and usually moire then enough

check your intake


Thanks Phil!