Fish or Flax Oil?

Which type of oil would be better for you? Right now I’m taking flax with more lignans, something like that. But anyway the taste is HORRIBLE and was wondering if I should just get fish oil for better health reasons and taste.

I’m taking neither but was considering flax seeds.

My buddy swears by them and says he can grind them up and sprinkles them on just about anything (even ice cream) and there is no taste.

Use both. One is rich in Omega 3’s and the other in Omega 6’s.

Spectrum flax oil with cinamon flavor is pretty good. I used to hate the regular taste but this one… shit, I like taking flax oil with cinammon flavor. Much more tolerable… I probably would suggest at leaast one tablespoon a day and at least 3g of combined epa/dha a day. Make sure you take full spectrum of vitamin E as well.

For optimal health, you should have both. Its going to taste terrible. You could mix the oil in with your protein shakes. You shake will taste terrible, but it’ll mute the flavor. As an alternative, you could always take capsules, if you don’t mind swallowing 35 of them a day, and the price.

Another suggestion that has been mentioned is actual flax seeds. My favorite source Uncle Sam’s cereal. Whole wheat and flax seeds. It’s awesome!

A little Flax Oil, but I’d take Cod Liver Oil over standard fish Cod Liver Oil because its loaded with Vitamin A and D which you need to make testosterone along with all the omega 3’s. Just don’t overdue it with any of them. I take no more than a tablespoon of each every day.

Good brand for Flax Oil: Barleans’s:

Cod Liver Oil: Carlson’s: Dr. Mercola's Censored Library (Private Membership) | Dr. Joseph Mercola | Substack

Spectrum is a very good brand. They make a LOT of different organic cooking oils. I haven’t had any problems with the taste of their flax seed oil. It seems pretty flavorless, and what ever little flavor left is not objectionable in any way.