Fish Oils

For those of you that supplement with fish oils, what brand do you use? I’m looking for any suggestions (from the most economical to the highest quality/pricey brands). Thanks in advance!

I use Trader Joe’s house brand. It’s molecularly distilled, each cap has 500 mg combined EPA/DHA, and it’s $7.99 a bottle (90 caps).

I’ve found cheaper, but it’s worth it to me to swallow as few capsules as possible, and these are the most concentrated caps I’ve found.

Health from the Sun

members mark sams choice

I use both Health from the Sun’s liquid fish oil as well as the Member’s Mark caps.

shoot, I don’t know the name of the brand I usually get, but I do get it at Wal Mart. I get a bottle of 250 for around $10. 300mg per pill.

I get 300 fish oil capsules, each with 580 mg EPA/DHA for 6.99 at Costcos.

I use Twinlab Emulsified Super Max EPA Fish Oil. Has some carbs in it, so that might or might not be an issue for you. But on a plus side it tastes very good (for fish oil). Cheapest I’ve found it is at vitacost.

Highly recommend it.

I use fish! =)

Carlson Super Omega-3 Fish Oil Caps and their liquid fish oil, which is more economical and tastes just fine.

Squatman, if you’re eating farm raised salmon, you’re probably not getting much in the way of EPA/DHA. If it’s wild (more expensive, more tasty, seasonal), you’re probably fine. Canned Sockeye salmon would be a good option, as it is not farm raised.

Not to hijack the thread, but how is the taste on that canned salmon? I’ve always been curious, but it seems like it would be a little nasty. Do you eat it right out of the can, or mix it up with something?

I eat a lot of wild alaskan salmon.

I also take Coromega emulsified fish oil. It actually tastes good and after doing a lot of research on the subject, I decided it was also of the highest quality.

Nick, it tastes very similar to canned tuna, only a little oilier/fishier. I don’t eat the bones, though; I pull them out. Other than the bones, I have no problem with it. It’s worth a try. If you don’t like it, you can always give it to the family dog or cat. (grin)