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fish oils

Guys, I am trying to find out which fish oil supplement is the most dense with EPA and DHA. I am trying to get a combined 6 grams and I would like to get that ingesting as few calories as possible from the capsules. Coromega seems to be the best one I’ve been able to find so far. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would appreciate any advice. Thanks.

Twinlab has one in the capsule form where you only have to take 6-7 capsules to reach your 6g of combined EPA/DHA. I’m not too familiar on the liquids though.

Hey, there, K . . .

I don’t know about the product you’re currently using, but I use Health from the Sun’s Ultra Omega 3, lemon-lime. 1.5 tablespoons gives me just over 6g of EPA & DHA. That ends up being roughly 22.5g of fat, 202.5 kCal.

I use RxOmega from Source Naturals. 0.6 g EPA/DHA per capsule, 10 cals per cap. 10 caps = 6 g EPA/DHA, 100 cals.

K, IMHO Coromega is the best fish oil supplement available. It actually TASTES good. It’s molecularly distilled, emulsified and packaged in foil packets so that only the serving you are taking is ever exposed to light or air (which oxidizes the fish oil very quickly).

Fish oil is hard to swallow, you know? You have to find creative ways to get it down the hatch. Coromega is easy to take and fits your criteria for fewest calories per serving. (Why is that important anyway? I mean, it can just be part of a P+F meal. What a great source of fat calories! lol)

Here’s a quote from an article in the International Health News:

"The processing and packaging of the fish oil are crucial in determining its quality. Low quality oils may be quite unstable and contain significant amounts of mercury, pesticides, and undesirable oxidation products.

High quality oils are stabilized with adequate amounts of vitamin E and are packaged in individual foil pouches or other packaging impervious to light and oxygen. Some very recent research carried out at the University of Minnesota found that emulsified fish oils are much better absorbed than the straight oils in gelatin capsules. [76]"

This article sold me on Coromega even though the article is not selling any product and never mentions Coromega specifically. It’s an article about good health! If you want to read it or check out that reference, go to:

Fish Oils: The Essential Nutrients

It is also of interest that the article’s recommendation on the amount of fish oil to take is also similar to what we’ve learned from JB and what most on the forum take. They say 5g EPA and DHA per day. Pretty close, huh.

Everyone, thanks alot for your time and I appreciate the advice. I’ll probably give each a try that you’ve suggested and see which I like best. Lisa, as to why it was important to me is b/c the oils I have tasted made me want to send it back up and I wanted to avoid taking 20 or 30 capsules if at all possible. So I wanted to have to drink as little oil as possible or as few capsules as possible. Just a preference, no real big deal. Thanks again everybody.