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Fish Oils

I just realized that my fish oil has 1g of SATURATED fat per 2 caps. I looked up other brands and they all have saturated fat!!! I thought fish oil is all polyunsaturated fat? Where does the saturated fat come from?

Are the benefits of fish/flax oil from the polyunsaturated fats or the EPA/DHA? Is EPA/DHA inseperable from the fat? Basically, can you just get the EPA/DHA without the oils?

Saturated fat is not that bad in reasonable amounts. Remember the one about Chuck Norris and the pig farmer? Chuck recommended that the pig farmer feed the pigs coconut oil (saturated fat). The pigs got crazy ripped, amazing abs, they chased down the farmer’s wife in an attempt to pork her. :smiley:

Yeah, I agree, your goal should not be to eliminate ALL saturated fats from your diet, just to reduce your intake and have the majority of your fat to come from unsaturated fats. You do still need saturated fat and 1 gram in not going to kill you. I admire your dedication however!

You’d get better feedback on this if you put it in the right section of the forum.

Embrace saturated fat, hug a pig.