fish oils

What’s everyone’s favorite brand of fish oils?

Glad you brought this up. I’ve been meaning to post for some time that I’ve found a method (I’m sure I’m not the only one) that’s much easier and more cost effective than taking tons of capsules every day. Most health food stores sell bottles of Twinlab Dale Alexander Cod Liver Oil. At the Whole Foods Market near my house, a 12 ounce bottle is $8.99. I take 2 tablespoons a day of the mint flavor, one in the morning and one at night, which is quick, easy, and provides 6 grams of EPA and DHA. I’d suggest everyone check it out. The thought of swallowing liquid fish oil may seem awful, but I think the mint flavor is no worse than flax oil.

I’ve been using the Member’s Mark brand from Sam’s Club because it is the most cost-effective version I can find. I get 300 capsules for 10 bucks.

i get mine at kilosports

I buy Pure Encasulations EPA/DHA Essentials from Vitanet. It’s 180 capsules, each one has a half-gram of combine EPA/DHA. I carry them around in an Altoids tin all day (the mint powder gives them flavor). In the morning, I start with a spoonful of Twinlab’s Dale Alexander emulsified MaxEPA concentrate. Ewww!

The only problem with Sams and Kilosports stuff is that each capsule only has less than a third of a gram of EPA/DHA. To get John Berardi’s ten grams, you’d need more than 30 capsules a day.

Remember folks, it’s 10 grams of EPA/DHA, not just 10 grams of fish oil.

How much fish oil a day should a 200 pound person take?