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Fish oils, where to find a good source in Canada

Hi T-folk,

I got a question for T-mans and vixens from Canada: where do you buy your fish oils? Do you know a good website were I could buy caps or fluid?

I’m asking this because I went at iHerb, found some cool fish oil(fluid) but they charge 20$ for shipping in Canada!

Thank you,

Louis, if you don’t get any good responses, send iHerb an email and ask them if there is a break in price on shipping if you order a certain amount. They do give breaks on shipping to those of us in the US at certain price points (free after $60, upgrade to overnight delivery after maybe $240).

I get them in capsule form from Safeway. I find that the “clear” gel capsules are better quality than the “black” gel capsules. I just buy Salmon Oil

I get mine from the ourhealthcoop.com site. (I think they’re Canadian.) Excellent service, fantastic prices, and (from what I can tell) a very quality cold salmon oil product.