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Fish Oils Vs. Udo's Oil

I’ve taken Udo’s oil for quite a while, and I usually add it to my protein shakes. I recently bought some fish oil caps for a change of pace, but I’m wondering what the real difference is physiologically.

Udo’s has a blend of various oils, but besides that, why would it be more beneficial to take fish oils that get the blend from Udo’s? Also, what is more cost effective?

I use Udo’s or regular flax to increase omega 3’s, but the conversion rate to EPA/DHA may not be optimal, which is why I use fish oil caps to up my daily EPA/DHA content.

Big bump here. I was going to post this question. I was wondering if it was beneficial to switch to fish oil after taking Udo’s for a couple of months. Or should I take both?

I tend to follow Poliquin’s advice on this. He talks about getting your EFA’s from a variety of sources in addition to fish oil caps. Also, he recommends buying small bottles so that you can switch brands every 3-4 weeks. This is due to the fact that each brand uses a different source, and each source will have different concentrations of the various fatty acids. As you all know, there are cheap brands and there are ultra-expensive brands—so the costs tend to balance out over time.

Udo’s is primarily formulated for people following aggressively low fat diets, which means it’s going to be a bit high in Omega-6 to be ideal for most T-folk (at least for the price). Take enough fish oil to get your six grams of EPA/DHA and take your tablespoon of flax per pound of bodyweight, but otherwise, make sure your fats are coming from monounsaturates like olives, olive oil, and nuts.

I really see no benefit in Udo’s oil. Why would you want to be taking MORE omega-6? If you’re a normal human being that eats meat, eggs, nuts and some vegetable oil you’re probably getting too much omega-6 already.

I’d stick with flax and fish oil.


Chris, a tablespoon of flax per pound of bodyweight? I think 230 tablespoons might be overkill :wink:

Is that a tablespoon per 100 lbs? or so?

Thanks again,

I bought some cheap fish oil capsules from Trader Joes today. Certainly a lot cheaper than the Udo’s!

Per 50 lbs. Sorry about that.

What kind of Udo’s are you guys taking? Mine has 2X the amount of O3’s as O6’s.

The big thing is that there’s no reason to pay supplement prices for omega-6s, period. You’d be better off, financially and hormonally, with fish or flax oil. The rest of your fats can be picked up much more economically in the form of olives, olive oil, or nuts.