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Fish Oils Ascenta Health


Hi Guys,

Does anyone know anything about the quality of fish oils from a company called Ascenta Health. They are supposed to be quite good and the fish oil is from Herring.

I would be interested in any feedback from anyone who's used their products. Also how the quality rates in terms of impurities etc.



I would check out the new Biotest Flameout.

Just based on all the other products that one is definitely quality.

If the company has a good reputation you'd know about it. I've never heard of Acenta Health, so I'm sure I'm not missing much.

I know my success with Biotest stuff, so if I don't have this I know I'm missing out.

Call me a cheerleader, but my performance is improving.


I read that they purify their products to reduce or remove contaminants like mercury and dioxins.
There are quality fish oil products out there much cheaper than Flamethrower.


HAHA flamethrower, lol the point of the name "flameout" is that it reduces inflammation, this was just funny :).


Correct, there are many quality fish oil products out there not with the quality of Flameout though.


Whoops, I meant Flameout. lol


Please clarify. Are you saying the quality of the fish oil in Flameout is different from every other fish oil product on the market?


And I thought I needed a job. The most any other fish oil's can save you is about 3-4 dollars. If those 3-4 dollars that one can save is REALLY bugging you, then by all means get the cheap generic fishoil.

He's implying the Flameout is superior than most any other fish oil. Not that surprising though as seen by genreally how shitty the market for supplements starts off at and how Biotest products have generally proven themselves to be better.


I'm glad someone got it.

Also, you only have to use four caps a day. Most fish oils say 6 minimum and that still wouldn't have the same concentration as Flameout. Read the info.


You'd also have to calculate in the cost of including the CLA too.


Why? The majority of people on this web site and on other web sites feel that, while CLA looks good on paper, it is not worth buying to use on a regular basis like fish oil. Were you regularly using it before this product came out? Whenever people list what supplements they use or recommend, CLA is not usually one of them.
And if you do want to take CLA, buy some.
Flameout has 352mg of CLA per 4 soft gels. One CLA product provides 800mg of CLA per soft gel and it will only cost $2.83 a month.


Right. So I'm losing out the deal of the year of 12 dollars a month. Which although it does all up over a whole year's time, frankly, I don't care.

It's undoubtly that often these articles interplace random advertisements for Biotest products, no doubt, but the service and worth is worth it. I don't know where to buy that brand you mentioned, nor will I look for it. I have a site where I buy everything from, great shipping, great product support, I'm happy.

Without a doubt, I could buy more protein/more protein bars/more random things that do the shits that Biotest products do, but would I trust it?

Can't say I will. Biotest products have proven themselves. If they do cost +12 dollars a month, then let it be.

Biotest stands by their products and I have been impressed. The fact that moderators read every message and yours was still posted is reason alone that I trust these products.


It's in the product, one less thing you have to buy.

There is a give and take with every way you look at it.

Here is my rational.

I buy ZMA from Biotest, thats 9 bucks. Easily 8 bucks cheaper than any other ZMA with the same quality stuff out there. So thats 9 dollars I save.

Take your 25 dollar fish oil now its 16 bucks. 16 bucks for the best product on the market.

Compare that to your $9.00 fish oil from Costco, its 8.99 where I live. Keep in mind, you've got to DRIVE to get it when generally people will already be ordering from Biotest, throw it in your order and you have free shipping.

I don't even buy the cheap Costco brand I get the enteric coated and that is 12 bucks for 180 soft gels. I take 12 a day (2 p/ meal). 4 bucks more I can have a better quality product WITH CLA. I wouldnt normally buy CLA because I hate going out to another place and getting another product.

I save the money on other supplements that Biotest offers so I can afford to get the best stuff.

And if your bitching about $4 for a Fish Oil product why are you buying other supplements?!

its 4 dollars for your health. 4 Dollars more for a product that will save you thousands on many inflammatory issues that cost much more to resolve.

For an athlete like me where my entire season can rely on whther or not I recover, thats worth the 4 dollars.

Especially when I put in about 5-6k p/ season just to pay race fees.


Great post.


I buy from a company whose products have worked before. That way I know its not just piss in a clear capsule.


Your post shows your ignorance - you do not know where to buy brands other than Biotest. That is truly sad.


Sure I do. But I haven't found a reason to.


One does not have to drive to buy supplements. I buy all mine online and have them shipped right to my front door. And Biotest only has free shipping for orders over $99, correct?

I may be mistaken, but I think your math is a bit off.
Flameout - $32 for a month supply (4 caps/day over 30 days = 90g of DHA/EPA)
Biotest ZMA - $9 for a month supply (awesome price for that, I agree)
$32 plus $9 = $41

Take some other products (I will not mention other brands here)
$3 for a month supply of CLA
$9 for fish oil
$11 for ZMA
$3 plus $9 plus $11 = $23

Price difference of $18.


NOW Foods, Optimum Nutrition, SAN, Beverly International (Charles Poliquin recommended this company), etc., are hardly companies that sell piss in a clear capsule. They sell quality products.

Of course choice is an individual thing. Some may only use Brand X, others Brand Y. Some use various products from different companies. I am not bashing Biotest products - I have used Grow! in the past myself. But I hope you can acknowledge that Biotest is not the only company that sells quality products. To think so is narrow minded and ignorant.


Ok when I wrote this post I wasn't aware of the new Flameout product, which I will be trying out.

For those that have ever used the Ascenta Health Nutra Sea product, please let me know if you are happy with the product - thx