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Fish Oils and Vitamin E Dosages

I have been taking fish oils for several months now. I’m pretty sure the daily dose has been way too low (even though it’s what recommended on the package).

I have been taking 3 capsules pr. day (3 * 1000 mg).

1 Capsule: 1000 mg
E-vitamin: 13.4 mg
n-3 fatty acid: 650 mg
EPA: 320 mg
DHA: 220 mg

This is not much compared to Biotest’s Flame Out.

How many capsules should I be taking (if I continue using this brand)?

Is the amount of E-vitamins high compared to recommended daily doses?

At age 65, I am now taking 12 x 1000mg, spread out at breakfast, mid morning, lunch & supper. I think it makes a good difference.