Fish Oils and Vitamin B5

I’ve read research that supramaximal doses of Vitamin B5 are optimal for the reduction of acne. Supposedly their reasoning is because of the fact that Vitamin B5 is integral in the absorportion and utilization of fats.

If this is true would it be good to take some Vitamin B5 at the same time you take fish oils to help absorb it properly? Anybody have experience with this or know anything about how it would enhance absorportion?

Fish Oils have been perported to exacerbate acne in some. Even though it is “anti-flammatory” it has other actions which may cause problems. I wouldn’t necessarily avoid it, but in practical settings it’s never panned out that great for acne.

Vitamin B5 increases the synthesis of coenzyme A which helps with the metabolism of fats. B5 may also decrease thyroid function which is one of the theories on why it may decrease acne. It decreases phosphorus and increases calcium which has a slowing effect of T3 on the body’s tissues.

Generally, increased energetics through either thyroid or adrenal hyperfunction is the main cause of acne. The hormones testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen, are also intricately involved in those systems.