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Fish Oils and Paleo Diet?


Hello all,

I have been reading into the paleolithic/primal type diet as of late, and I had a question as to what this community thinks about a stance that some of the paleo community (at least the forum I was reading) takes with regard to fish oil.

There is a belief out there that any supplementation with Omega 3 fish oil does more harm than good. There are claims that most (if not all) fish oil in pills and what-not are oxidized/rancid and that the only way to get the benefits of O3 oil is through the consumption of fish.

There are further claims that the oxidized oils that fish oils may be are identical to the types of oils and hardeners found in varnishes and laquer for home improvement.

I have some bottles of Flameout on hand, but I can't promise that they were kept "in a cool dry area" the entire time. Is the belief that these supplements are beneficial still supported by this community? What about storage of them? Should I just scrap them if I can't guarantee they're still "good"?

Sorry for the seemingly stupid question, but sometimes when I try to expand my knowledge, I get confused by the drastically differing opinions.



[quote]ThaiLifter wrote:
Is the belief that these supplements are beneficial still supported by this community? What about storage of them? Should I just scrap them if I can’t guarantee they’re still “good”?[/quote]

This “community” still sells Flameout so I would think they support their product.

You sound like your over thinking this. Just take the supplement as directed. When it’s gone you can decide how much you liked it and either purchase more or not.

Keep it simple.


Thanks for the bluntness, JLone, but I think my question is still valid…

By community I meant the readers and non-Biotest affiliated enthusiasts on this website, not the corporation.

If I take as the supplement directs, I think this is one of those supplements that you won’t really feel much of a direct effect (other supplements I would throw in this category are perhaps Superfood and perhaps Carbolin 19) that you take because they’re “good for you.”

The reason that I’m asking is that I have heard challenges from people with different mindsets on diet that fish oil can in fact be harmful for you if taken from a human facilitated source.

I’m not trying to be rude, but some supplements fall in and out of popularity, but are sometimes still sold.


Hey John,

Not really a matter of the question being valid, Jlone was pretty much right.

We basically know its kind of not possible to get O3s from eating fish only unless you are like a paleo Nazi. Sushi don’t really count.

its good to supplement with O3s. Ive heard and tried dosages up to 30g a day but I do try to get quality source products such as those that are not farm raised.

Where the product comes from, like all things, is important.

There has been no conclusive data to suggest that fish oil is bad for you.

Yes, there are some unkempt products, hence why you have to get a good grade fish oil.

I have no idea how good Flameout is but I have taken it before without problems.

Smell the fish oil to see if its good and take a small amount, more than likely youll burp, if your burp smells and tastes like death, its probably bad, also to be smart, check the expiration label :wink:


Thank you both… Kinda what I thought, but it’s difficult sometimes to marry my world of Testosterone to the Paleo/Primal lifestyle… Some people (like many different cultures) are kool-aid pourers, and it’s difficult to discern what is muff-cabbage vice legit information.