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Fish Oils and Head Aches

Has anyone noticed when taking fish oils they get headaches? I have tried carlsons liquid, and spectrum caps. It has been a while since the spectrum caps but the carlsons liquid KILLED my head. I thought at first it was because i never eat carbs before bed but eventually narrowed it down to fish oil.

I get headaches and sore joints when I DON’T take my fish oil.

hm…maybe you should just take some good old fashioned fish oil instead of those products that have alot of stuff + oil…mine is pure pharmutical grade salmon oil and its been no problems for me

Welcome to the fish fog my brother.
I’ve had it before-- headaches and the feeling of being dumber than hell. No good.

Really research what you use when it comes to fish oil. Quality definately matters.

Quality may matter, but fish oil is a blood thinner, hence why they usually tell you to come off it for a few days (up to a week) prior to an invasive medical procedure.

My friend’s father in law had severe ear aches, and the first thing his doctor asked was if he was on fish oil, which he was (and at a high does - like 15g or higher daily). He came off it, ear aches went away.

Odd. Then again, everyone’s body is different.


Are you on blood thinners or medications that thin the blood?

The eisacenoids that our bodies make from the Omega 3 fatty acids act as blood thinners and as an anti inflammatories. That is why Eskimos die of hemorrhagic stokes(bleeding of the brain) not of normal strokes.

How much are you taking?

Listen to jahovasfitness, quality counts.

Tried Flameout?

[quote]Zagman wrote:

Listen to jahovasfitness, quality counts.[/quote]

You know you make an impression on people, when they cite you even when you don’t post in a thread :wink:

I have since stopped, and just eat wild salmon every day at lunch. I was taking about a tablespoon a day. Carlsons and spectrum are quality brands… but maybe it was the lemon oil they add in with the carlsons who knows.

Yes i have tried Flameout and even though it was a couple years ago i think i remember the same thing happening. Honestly its hard to say because headaches are the kind of thing you just ignore most of the time. Either way i guess the best way for me to get my DHA and EPA is from Omega 3 eggs and salmon.

I dont think i am on any blood thinners, but i do take Pentasa which is an anti inflamatory i believe.